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Persol Sunglasses Lenses: Shown are Persol PO0649 Sunglasses

Persol Crystal Lenses: A History of Innovation

Persol sunglasses are known for coming from a long tradition of the highest quality, attention to detail, dedication to innovative technology, and superb European design. They are one of the last remaining brands that still craft their glasses by hand, and they use only the finest materials from natural resources. Their Crystal lenses are known as the "pride of Persol."

Persol's Long Held Tradition of Quality

What do pilots, train operators, and mountain climbers have in common? All three were some of the groups that Persol was problem solving for when they created their first specialty lenses in the 1920s. Persol invented lenses to meet the specific needs of these disparate groups who all face different optical challenges while on the job. Their trademark yellow-brown lenses, made from crystal, were used in the famous Protector glasses - adopted by the Swiss military and protected by international patents. These special lenses, crafted from pure silica, offered previously unseen sun protection. By the 60's American astronauts were wearing Persol, and the innovative, durable shades were accompanying famous explorers and adventurers on their treks, keeping their eyes safe even in the most extreme climates and conditions.

persol quality lens

Polarized Lenses

Persol's ultra light crystal lenses are equipped with Polarization. Polarization is an essential element for drivers as it reduces the glare that reflects off of the surfaces all around us, including the sand, sea, snow, and of course the asphalt of the road. Special filters in the crystal lens block this reflected light before it has the chance to reach your eye. The filter is created by inserting a thin layer of organic polarizing material in between 2 optical crystal lenses. The lenses are made using the most up-to-the-minute techniques to mold and temper the glass. This ensures the lens is as thin as possible, reduced from 2.2mm in thickness to just 1.8mm, resulting in a lighter, more comfortable lens.

persol lens technology

Photo Polar Lenses

Persol also offers the Photo Polar lens - a combination of a polarized and a photochromic lens. Photochromic means the lenses darken according the amount of light in the environment - ensuring you get the exact right amount of sun protection in ever changing conditions. They will adjust to a change in light levels in seconds. This innovation of combining the two types of filters makes Persol's Photo Polar lens a uniquely adaptable choice.The Photo Polar lens offers 100% UV protection (like all Persol lenses), anti-reflective coating, and oleophobic coating (which repels grease making them smudge-free and easy to clean.)

Lens Color Choices

Below are the different lens color choices available from Persol. Blue lenses are good for color perception and Brown lenses improve depth perception and contrast. For a general use lens, Gray is always a safe bet. It's the darkest tint (so filters out the maximum amount of light) and reduces eye fatigue. Green is also a good general use color, offering superb contrast, even in low-light. Persol's Brown, Gray and, Green lenses are available with gradient tint. Gradient tint looks cool, but also serves a purpose. It protects your eyes more at the top of the lens (where the sunlight enters) but gradually fades to a lighter tint making it easier to see your dashboard, or move from outdoors to indoors without removing your glasses.

persol lens colors

Prescription Sunglasses

Don't forget that you can customize your Persol sunglasses with your prescription. Contact one of our experienced opticians if you have any questions about Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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