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Serengeti Lenses: Models are wearing San Rema and Volterra Sunglasses

Serengeti Lens Technology

One of the most visually challenging environments most of us face day to day is one of the most common ones: driving. We invest a lot of resources in our automobiles, making sure we get the greatest performance for the value. But a huge part of having a successful driving experience is dependent not on the car, but on our eyesight. That's where Serengeti lenses come into play. Serengeti pride themselves on creating the world's finest driving sunglasses. It started in 1902 when the Corning company developed a window glass that filtered out all colors but yellow, green, and red (the colors of a stoplight.) Serengeti glasses are known for their high performance, and that's why they are trusted by pilots all over the world


Photochromic refers to lenses that change color with varying levels of light. Serengeti pioneered this technology and engineer it into every lens. Unlike traditional photochromic lenses that are activated by raw light, Serengeti's photochromic lenses are only activated by ultraviolet light. Another difference is the gradual way the lenses adjust. Since it happens slowly, and almost imperceptibly, the change in tint is a more natural visual experience, leaving the eyes more relaxed. Serengeti photochromic lenses are constantly adjusting to allow the optimal amount of light to reach the eyes, which helps to alleviate eyestrain.

So how does it work? As UV radiation becomes more intense, the molecules in the lens expand (which darkens the lens.) The darker tint absorbs more light and prevents it from reaching your eye. When the UV radiation lessens, and the environment becomes darker, the molecules shrink and separate allowing more light to enter your eye.

serengeti photochromic lens

Spectral Control

Another important innovation from Serengeti is Spectral Control. In the quest for crystal clear vision, Serengenti has developed a way to manage light wavelengths, blocking the most abrasive in the spectrum. This dramatically reduces haze and glare, putting an end to eye fatigue. More and more scientists and ophthalmologists are warning about the damage that overexposure to blue light can do to our eyes. Spectral control excludes blue light - but selectively organizes the light that does reach our eyes making for high definition, enhanced vision. And Serengeti lenses, since they are built for the road, are all tested to ensure traffic signal recognition (making sure those greens, reds and yellows are crisp and true.)


One essential element for safe driving lenses is Polarization. Every lens you buy from Serengeti can be equipped with this crucial element. Serengeti describes polarization as acting "like a microscopic Venetian blind. Parallel light rays can enter, while distracting perpendicular rays are absorbed" It is the perpendicular rays that cause glare. Polarization means your eyes stay alert and refreshed when you need them most, behind the wheel. Polarization is helpful for reducing glare of all kinds, this includes what you would experience in fair weather daytime conditions, headlights and shiny reflections in the evening, as well as the intense glare from surfaces like water or snow. Polarization is a must have feature not only for driving cars, but also for boating, skiing, and flying.

serengeti polarization

Lens Colors


The original Serengeti lens for driving. Amplifies contrast and colors. Reduces strain and fatigue. Made especially for identifying red, yellow, and green (stoplight colors.)

drivers serengeti lens

Drivers Gold

The traditional Drivers lens with the added benefit of a gold-flash mirrored coating. Driver's Gold has extra reflective properties that keep harmful infrared wavelengths from reaching your eye.

drivers gold serengeti lens

Drivers Gradient

Great double purpose lens. Darker at the top to block sunlight and more transparent at the bottom to allow a better view of your dashboard. Clear long distance vision without compromising your ability to read your instrument panel. Pilots favorite.

drivers gradient serengeti lens

555 NM

The 555nm is named after the center of the visible color spectrum of light (555 nanometers), where the human eye sees most comfortably. The 555nm lens relaxes and cools the eye by manipulating yellow and green light. This lens also protects from glare with a light silver mirror coating.

555nm serengeti lens

Prescription Sunglasses

Serengeti also applies their cutting edge technology to prescription lenses. Using patented algorithms, they customize your order to make the lenses, frames, and your face shape work in perfect harmony. Serengeti Rx lenses pinpoint the precise zone of the lens where you need the correction to create perfect vision. Serengeti's Vario Drive Thin Design Technology are also up to 72% thinner and 45% lighter than traditional prescription lenses. Even if you have a high power prescription, Serengeti can tailor their lenses to suit you. They are available in 99% of prescriptions, +6.00 to -8.00, including Single Vision and Progressive.


If you have concerns about ordering prescription lenses online, be assured FramesDirect.com have plenty of resources to make the process easy. Buying glasses online can be less expensive and simpler than visiting your local optician.

Contact one of our experienced opticians if you have any questions about Serengeti sunglasses.

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