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Virtual Reality Infographic

Virtual Reality (VR): The Future is Now

The Future's So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades:Why You'll Be Wearing Your Next Computer

VR fully immerses you into a 360° digital world, creating an alternate reality experience

From static beginnings to screens that never end…

1838: Stereoscopic photos -Side by side photographs create a 3-D effect, gives viewers a sense of depth & environment

1939: View-Master portable stereoscope -Introduced at World’s Fair in New York City as a souvenir,100,000+ stores sold View-Masters by 1941

1962: Sensorama -Video head mount, vibrating seat, & fragrance sprays spawn first interactive device,6 films made specifically for machine

1987: VR Gaming Hits the Market -Primitive headgear & hand controls allow users to interact with video footage,188 different headsets currently available in market

2014: VR Technology Comes of Age -Facebook acquires Oculus VR, immersive VR platform, for $2 Billion ,Advanced optics finally create perception of VR as real life

2020: $30 Billion projected industry

Tech Powerhouses Wage Intellectual War for the (Im)material World

Augmented Reality (AR) eyewear places interactive 3-D Imagery into physical surroundings

Meta AR Headset : A Developer’s Dream -Clear headset displays holographic images and digital content,Includes 3-D software development kit

Microsoft HoloLens : Not Your Dad’s Headset -Self-contained computer uses visor to mix the physical world with virtual projections,Built to entice businesses to the looming potential of AR

Facebook AR Glasses: Go-Go Gadget Glasses! -Lenses display virtual overlay so consumers can interact with their digital network, in real life, & in real time,See digital avatars of your friend’s physical location, access comments online, & receive updates on current events

Sony and Samsung Contact Lenses: Terminator Vision -Lenses differentiate between unconscious & conscious blinking to take pictures & record video,Stream videos or recordings of memories as if you are seeing them IRL

Augmented Reality is projected to become a $90 billion industry

The Future of Lens Technology is (Virtually) Limitless -A multi-dimensional marketplace coming to a world near you

Why is Augmented Reality projected to generate so much more revenue than Virtual Reality?

Communication - 2015 there were 341.5 million smartphone sales worldwide - AR provides real world replacement for mobile devices

Marketing -By 2019,72% of digital advertising will be for mobile devices and remarketing will personalize advertisements to stream to your glasses or contact lenses

Networking - by 2018,2.55 billion people will besocial network users - never forget someone’s name again—as long as they are in your social network

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