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Cat Eye Glasses Frames & Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye eyewear is characterized by rounded frames that flare out near the temples. Cat eye glasses frames became popular in the 1950s and 1960s but still have a loyal following amongst women with a retro style. Cat eye-shaped frames tend to be more playful and are ideal for women with square or diamond faces.

Cat eye eyeglasses and cat eye sunglasses were popular feminine eyewear styles of the mid 20th century, when eyewear became a fashion accessory rather than simply a medical necessity. With glasses becoming more mainstream, people threw themselves wholeheartedly into the purchase of eyewear that not only solved vision problems, but also enhanced their appearance.

Cat eye eyewear imparts a sophisticated, elegant, slightly exotic look to the wearer. Most frames feature oval lenses with the extended portion of the eyerim drawn out into an upward and outward point. Oftentimes, the “extra” eyerim at the outer corners are embellished with exotic details. Rhinestone, metal, or colored plastic temple enhancements create a sense of opulence while sculptural effects, such as raised designs, scalloped edges, and fancy bridges, add uniqueness to these frames. Among the most striking decorative innovations on cat eye frames are the “brows,” which usually incorporate different sculptural, applique, and ornamental effects on the top edges of cat-eye rims.

Cat Eye Eyeglasses

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Cat Eye Sunglasses

RALPH by Ralph Lauren RA5203 Sunglasses
Black Nude / Brown Gradient Lens (109013)
Coach HC8132 Sunglasses
Burgundy Tortoise-Tortoi / Brown Gradient Lens (543713)
$180From $135
Prada PR 53SS Sunglasses
Grey Gradient / Dark Grey Lens (UFV3C2)
$355From $284
Burberry BE4216 Sunglasses
Black / Gray Gradient Lens (30018G)
RALPH by Ralph Lauren RA5201 Sunglasses
Black-Gold / Grey Gradient Lens (126511)
Versace VE4313 Sunglasses
Black-Havana / Brown Gradient Lens (517713)

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Prescription Cat Eye Sunglasses

Tory Burch TY7059 Prescription Sunglasses
Black Stitch TY
$150From $120
Prescription Lenses Extra
Tory Burch TY7005 Prescription Sunglasses
$150From $120
Prescription Lenses Extra
Maui Jim Sweet Leilani-722 Prescription Sunglasses
Brown Aquamarine (63)
Prescription Lenses Extra

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Cat Eye Glasses Frames & Cat Eye Sunglasses
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