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Frames with Clip On Sunglasses

You can find the very best frames with clip-on sunglasses online at FramesDirect.com

You can shop for stylish, designer label eyeglass frames with clip-on sunglasses from the comfort of your own home and even on-the-go with your favorite mobile device with FramesDirect.com. FramesDirect is committed to selling authentic name brand clip-on sunglasses to suit a wide variety of lifestyles and budgets. We have a large selection of various trends and styles of clip-on sunglasses so that means everyone, from fashionistas to sports fanatics, can find the right clip-on sunglasses for them.

Use the green buttons below to start shopping for the very best frames with clip-on sunglasses available on the market. You can also call our professional, certified opticians at 1-800-248-0427 for assistance in finding the right pair of eyeglasses for you.

Why quality clip-on sunglasses are important

People use their clip-on sunglasses for activities that require crystal clear vision and accurate depth perception, like driving, fishing, and playing competitive sports. This is why it is important to buy clip-on sunglasses whose lenses are created with cutting edge technology in order to ensure 100% accuracy.

FramesDirect.com guarantees 100% accuracy on all clip-on sunglasses. FramesDirect’s lab undergoes a six step process, including verification with digital lens technology, to ensure that your clip-on sunglasses are made with unparalleled precision. FramesDirect’s knowledgeable and certified opticians can tell you about FramesDirect’s innovative PD Capture Tool ℠, which uses proprietary facial recognition in order to determine your pupil distance. This measurement is an important part of providing you with an accurate prescription. FramesDirect.com is the only on-line eyewear company using this cutting edge tool. This technology helps FramesDirect provide you with prescription sunglasses that precisely fit your individual prescription.

Clip On Sunglasses

Takumi TK935 Eyeglasses
Black w/ Grey clip (90)
Takumi TK974 Eyeglasses
Black and Crystal / Grey Clip-On Lens (90)
EasyTwist N Clip CT 213 Eyeglasses
Matte Steel w/ Grey clip (20)
Takumi TK977 Eyeglasses
Dark Blue and Light Teal / Grey Clip-On Lens (50)
Takumi T9967 Eyeglasses
Black w/ Grey Clip (90)
Easyclip EC 303 Eyeglasses
Matte Burgundy & Dark Grey w/ Grey clip (20)
EasyTwist N Clip CT 199 Eyeglasses
Shiny Dark Brown &Chocolate w/ Brown Clip On Lens (10)
Easyclip EC 161 Eyeglasses
Onyx-Grey Lens Clip On (20)
Takumi TK958 Eyeglasses
Clear Black w/ Grey Clip (90)
Easyclip EC 297 Eyeglasses
Satin Bronze w/ Brown Lens Clip (10)
Takumi T9934 Eyeglasses
Matte Dark Blue w/ Grey Clip (50)
Takumi TK941 Eyeglasses
Black and Steel w/ Grey clip (90)
Easyclip EC 275 Eyeglasses
Matte Brown w/ Brown Lens Clip (10)
Easyclip EC 144 Eyeglasses
Black w/ Gray Lens Clip (90)
Easyclip EC 286 Eyeglasses
Marbled Caramel & Light Blue w/ Brown Lens Clip (10)
Easyclip EC 319 Eyeglasses
Satin Chocolate w/ Brown Clip (10)
MDX Manhattan S3306 Eyeglasses
Satin Black-Gold w/ Grey Clip (90)
Easyclip EC 343 Eyeglasses
Satin Burgundy and Light Pink / Grey Clip-On Lens (30)
Easyclip EC 344 Eyeglasses
Satin Black / Grey Clip-On Lens (90)
Takumi T9992 Eyeglasses
Satin Dark Bronze and Pink w/ Brown Clip (10)

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Clip-On Sunglasses
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