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How do you know what glasses will look best on a square shaped face? Whether you are a man or woman, if your face is square, your most distinguishing feature is a prominent jawline. Many actors and models have a square face shape, because angular bone structure looks great in photos and on film. A good general rule of thumb is to look for glasses shapes that are the opposite of your face shape. So if you have a square face, with a distinctive jawline, you will want to pick frames with lots of nice curves to soften your look.

Round frames, oval frames, or a cat-eye would all compliment a square face. For someone with a square face, the sharpness of your facial features could be exaggerated if you choose glasses that also have sharp angles. When choosing glasses for square-shaped faces, the goal should be to lengthen and soften the face by adding curving lines. You can also make a square face appear thinner and softer by selecting glasses in neutral colors (cream, beige, etc.) and choosing glasses that are wider than they are deep (i.e. tall), as wider frames give the illusion of a slimmer face.

Glasses for Square Faces

Heart Face Shape Round Face Shape Oval Face Shape


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