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Polo Eyewear

Polo eyewear, always designed with smooth lines that fit well on most sizes and shapes of face, has been worn by men all over the world. The Council of Fashion Designers of America asserts that Polo founder Ralph Lauren's "vision and innovation epitomizes American design excellence and continues to set the standard in fashion."

It's not surprising that so many men love Polo eyewear. Polo's eyeglasses frames are classy and coincide with every fashion trend that comes along. Fashionable as they may be, however, Ralph Lauren strives to make his eyewear as timeless as possible.

Polo eyewear is assembled with great care and consideration. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a spring hinge on the arms, making them adjustable to any face type. High-quality plastic and metal are used for the frames and come in a variety of color and styles. Polo sunglasses are polarized and have a UV-400 rating even if those that have a mirror finish or gradient colored lenses. Many of these Polo sunglass styles can also be made into prescription sunglasses.

Polo Men's Eyeglasses

Polo PH2083 Eyeglasses
Blue Transparent (5276)
Polo PH1117 Eyeglasses
Brushed Dark Gunmetal-Black Temple (9157)
Polo PH2150 Eyeglasses
Shiny Black (5001)
Polo PH2039 Eyeglasses
Top Black-Crystal (5011)

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Polo Prep Children's Eyeglasses

Polo Kids PP8520 Eyeglasses
Black Crystal (541)
Polo Kids PP8518 Eyeglasses
Navy-White (1246)
$99.95From $78.96
Polo Kids PP8523 Eyeglasses
Black-Green Black (1312)
Polo Kids PP8036 Eyeglasses
Matte Navy-Tortoise Orange (3134)

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Polo Sunglasses

Polo PH3087 Sunglasses
Gunmetal / Brown Lens (915773)
$159From $119.25
Polo PH3105 Sunglasses
Matte Brown / Brown Lens (912573)
Polo PH3093 Sunglasses
Mat Blue / Gradient Blue Lens (91198F)
$139From $104.25
Polo PH3089 Sunglasses
Semishiny Dark Brown / Green Lens (927271)
Polo PH4089 - Folding Sunglasses
Rubber Black / Grey Lens (528487)
Polo PH4109 Sunglasses
Matte Black / Grey Lens (528487)

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Polo Prescription Sunglasses

Polo PH3104 Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription Lenses Extra
Polo PH4061 Prescription Sunglasses
Matte Black
Prescription Lenses Extra
Polo PH4099 Prescription Sunglasses
Jerry Tortoise
Prescription Lenses Extra
Polo PH3086 Prescription Sunglasses
Matte Black
Prescription Lenses Extra
Polo PH4088 Prescription Sunglasses
Shiny Black
$142.81From $107.11
Prescription Lenses Extra
Polo PH4110 Prescription Sunglasses
Matte Black
Prescription Lenses Extra

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Polo Eyewear
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