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Versace Eyewear for Women

Versace style is not about simplicity, minimalism or the understated. It breaks the rules innovatively. It's flash and dash. It's the allure of sexy rock-n-roll-style glamour.

Versace is classic design reinterpreted to bold, modern tastes with powerful color palettes, vampish black and liquid fabrics. The Versace customers are women with strong personalities: individuals who are self-assured and confident in the lifestyle choices they make, individuals who appreciate distinction and character.

Since the founding of the House of Versace by Gianni Versace in 1978, the name has been consistently recognized for its defiant originality and breakthrough designs. The incomparable Versace women's eyewear collection exemplifies the brand's over-the-top style. The glasses in the collection showcase an array of big, bold frames in both metal and plastic. The Versace eyeglasses optical collection combines superior design and unmatched quality in luxury designs.

Versace sunglasses are an unconventional luxury product with bright colors and cutting-edge design. Synonymous with glamour and luxury, Versace sunglasses have become more than a product line, but a lifestyle embraced by some of the most famous names and faces in the film and music industries. Their unique, sophisticated, and eccentric design is beloved by any woman who values quality and style. Many of these Versace sunglass styles can also be made into prescription sunglasses.

Women's Versace Eyeglasses

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Women's Versace Sunglasses

Versace VE4313 Sunglasses
Black / Gray Gradient Lens (GB1/8G)
$245From $147
Versace VE2021 Sunglasses
Gold / Brown Gradient Lens (100213)
Versace VE2180 Sunglasses
Silver / Blue Lens (100080)
Versace VE4295 Sunglasses
Black / Gray Gradient Lens (GB1/11)
$220From $132
Versace VE2177 Sunglasses
Matte Black / Gray Lens (100987)
Versace VE4278BA - Alternate Fit Sunglasses
Animalier Black-Black / Grey Gradient Lens (51368G)

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Women's Versace Prescription Sunglasses

Versace  VE2179 Prescription Sunglasses
Black-Pale Gold
Prescription Lenses Extra
Versace  VE2168 Prescription Sunglasses
Brushed Pale Gold
Prescription Lenses Extra

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Women's Versace Eyewear
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