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Sunglasses: The Best Designer Sunglass Brands & Fashion Styles

Where to buy sunglasses online, you ask? Right here! All types of sunglasses online at your fingertips. FramesDirect.com is the premium online sunglasses store for educated, upscale consumers globally. Unlike overpriced brick-and-mortar retailers and online competitors who focus on discounts, FramesDirect.com delivers the best quality high end sunglasses and a superb customer service experience, but at reasonable online prices.

What are the best sunglasses? Quality is our number one concern, especially when it comes to sunglasses, which are so vital to eye health. Whether it's Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Costa or any of our brands, FramesDirect.com only sells designer sunwear, offering the largest selection of premium products available online.

As a company founded by eye doctors, FramesDirect.com was the first and remains the only online eyewear retailer that is staffed by certified opticians. In fact, the customer service phone center is staffed entirely by expert opticians, who are available to answer your questions 6 days a week.

Buying the Best Sunglasses Online: Setting the Standard for Quality

The FramesDirect.com quality standard begins when we select only the best sunglasses to feature on our site. Virtually every designer who makes a high-end sunglass product is represented here.

Whether you're in the market for classic shades, like aviators or wayfarers, or new trends in sunglasses, such as foldable frames or patterned lenses, we carry the designer brands you have grown to love.

If you're an athlete looking for the best eye protection for outdoor sports, FramesDirect.com offers a number of popular, high-tech sun shades with performance-enhancing, sport-specific features, such as specially tinted or polarized lenses and sweat-resistant, non-slip ear pieces.

Our demanding sunglass evaluation process has several steps. We will only consider top brands that are well designed and will please customers with regards to both comfort and style. In addition, all of our sunglasses follow best practice manufacturing standards.

FramesDirect.com only sells the best sunnies available on the market today. We keep up with advances in sunglass technology and always strive to offer our customers the best options. For that reason, we offer the highest-caliber sunglasses, with options like polarized lenses and UV-blocking gray and brown tints.

Take the Extra Step with "Sun Glasses"

The sun's rays, though beautiful and warming, can also be harmful to your skin and your eyes. Not only can the rays lead to eye disease, but the sun's glare can also cause distractions while driving, working, and participating in sports. Along with sunscreen, sunglasses are the most vital element for shielding yourself from the sun.

Sunglasses block UV radiation and protect vital parts of the eye. By regularly wearing shades, you can reduce the UV rays that reach your cornea. Lucky for you, shopping for sunglasses online is easier than ever at FramesDirect.com. Sun shades are sold at most retail outlets, but for the best selection, you should shop online.

Also, if you are embarking on a sport like skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, crew rowing, boating or fishing, you'll need top-quality, impact-resistant, high-end sunglasses that your local drugstore just may not carry. The best eye protection for these activities are going to be designed by a reputable manufacturer like Oakley, Maui Jim, or Costa, not some throwaway brand you can pick up in the local drugstore. And remember, always look for the 100% UV protection label and impact-resistant lenses.

Top Designer Sunglass Brands

At FramesDirect.com you will find over 2,500 sunglasses options to choose from in a plethora of styles, shapes, tints, and colors. If you're having trouble deciding which sun glasses are right for your lifestyle or your face shape, you can pick up the phone and call 1-800-248-9427 to have one of the FramesDirect.com certified opticians help you with placing your order.

As 20/20 Magazine states, "Like cars, new technology in eyewear helps to create today's smart sunglasses." FramesDirect.com continually adds new brands and the latest sunglass styles to keep pace with new technology. Unlike sunglasses of old, today's sunnies use advanced filtering techniques to protect your eyes from sunlight, as well as use new materials to make frames and lenses safer, stronger, and more comfortable.

Consider going online and stocking up on a variety of top sun glasses in different shapes and styles to suit all of your varying needs, and then keeping them near your front door. That way, saving your eyes from harm just takes that one little extra step before your walk out the door -- putting on your shades!

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