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Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses

Wiley X was founded more than 25 years ago with the intention of providing the best quality ballistic prescription eyewear. Sleek designs and functional materials make these Wiley X prescription sunglasses some of the best available for eye protection.

Wiley X prescription sunglasses are now a leading provider of protective prescription sunwear and ballistic products for the U.S. Military, outdoor sports participants, and the safety and shooting enthusiasts. Wiley X prescription sunglasses are the first choice among service members considering the options for prescription ballistic sunwear protection, as the brand's prescription sunglasses and goggles are widely regarded as the best choice for eyewear protection and ballistic needs.

Nationally, Wiley X prescription sunglasses are the standard issue prescription sunglasses with the FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, Navy SEAL Teams, and Military Special Forces. These sleek and stylish frames are unassuming and ANSI-rated. Plus, the Wiley X prescription sunglasses collection offers these tested and ballistic-rated frames in a variety of color options.

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Sunglass Customer Testimonials

Ben W / Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
I got my exchanged Wiley-X Gravity and am wearing the glasses now since 2 days. There was no blur, no fatigue, no headache and I am really very happy with them! The transitional lenses work great for me as I am always switching between in- and outside the construction office. I can use the glasses at the computer screen and on-site in the sun and sandstorm. It just works perfect. I can fully recommend you and the product.

G.W. Bucklew / Palm Harbor, Florida
Awesome job!

Todd K. / South Perth, Iowa
Hi, Just a quick note to thank you for your quick and easy service. I ordered a pair of prescription Oakley sunglasses and received them in Perth Western Australia in just over 2 weeks!! I could not be happy with the glasses and your service. Highly recommended. Todd Perth, Western Australia.