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Wiley X Prescription Sunglasses

A quarter-century ago, Wiley X was founded in order to provide the best quality ballistic prescription eyewear possible for military personnel. Rugged and functional materials combined with sleek designs make these prescription sunglasses simply the best products available for corrective eye protection.

Wiley X RX sunglasses lead the way in protective prescription sunwear and ballistic products for the U.S. military, safety and shooting enthusiasts, outdoor sports participants, and many others who need both vision correction and exceptional safety features. Wiley X prescription sunglasses and goggles are widely regarded as the best choice for eyewear protection and ballistic needs.

In fact, Wiley X prescription sunglasses are the first choice among service members who need RX ballistic protective sunwear.

The standard-issue prescription sun glasses with the FBI, DEA, Army Rangers, Navy SEAL Teams, and Military Special Forces, these sleek and stylish frames and goggles are ANSI-rated and designed for use in extreme conditions. For those who want to add a bit of boldness to their look, the sunglasses offered in the Wiley X prescription collection includes these tested and ballistic-rated frames in a variety of color options.

Wiley X has expanded its offerings beyond military and law enforcement to anyone who wants premium high-performance protective prescription sunwear. Wiley X prescription sunglasses and goggles appeal to people who are involved in a variety of demanding activities, from mountain biking to archery to survivalist training, and more. Wiley X shades and goggles provide tough, durable, and effective prescription protection from the sun and debris.

Depending on the style, Wiley X prescription sunglasses feature many technological advances that maximize their performance, such as:
  • Interchangeable lenses for all-day protection
  • Removable facial cavity seal to help keep sand and dirt out of the eyes
  • The NO TEARS® system that completely eliminates dirt and sand from getting to the eyes
  • Top-down ventilation system to keep eyes cool and lenses fog-free
  • Exceeds the ANSI Z87.1-2003+ High Velocity safety standard
  • MIL-PRF-31013 ballistic certifie
  • Wrap-around curvature to increase peripheral vision and protect the sides of the eyes
  • Snug and comfortable leash cords to keep goggles in place, even with perspiration or moisture
  • Polycarbonate lenses to prevent breakage and withstand extreme conditions
  • Rubber temple tips for comfort and grip
  • Polarized lenses to block intense reflected light and reduce glare
  • UV protection Optional anti-reflective coating
Wiley X prescription sunglasses are available with progressive, multifocal, or single vision lenses to suit your particular vision correction needs. Their extended orbital design increases peripheral vision for a greater field of vision. Your lenses will be carefully checked against your prescription by on-staff certified opticians before your new glasses or goggles are delivered to you.

This brand’s prescription sunglasses for men and women offer a complete range of lens options in a spectrum of clear, amber, blue, green, and grey. Options such as gradient shading, anti-reflective coating, mirrored finishes, polarized lenses, and Transitions® light-responsive lenses are available in many styles, allowing you to truly customize your prescription sunglasses and tailor them exactly to your needs. Whether you are engaged in desert combat or sharpening your ballistic skills at an outdoor shooting range, Wiley X has you covered.

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Sunglass Customer Testimonials

Ben W / Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
I got my exchanged Wiley-X Gravity and am wearing the glasses now since 2 days. There was no blur, no fatigue, no headache and I am really very happy with them! The transitional lenses work great for me as I am always switching between in- and outside the construction office. I can use the glasses at the computer screen and on-site in the sun and sandstorm. It just works perfect. I can fully recommend you and the product.

Isabel Owens / Scottsdale, Arizona
You guys are the Save me lots of money and I can use my FSA card on this item. I can't believe the prices in the stores! I bought prescription on my first pair and now a set of regular shades for my contact days. Plus we are encouraged to use promos and credit to the account. That is pretty cool. Best site ever to get eyewear.

Steven Scamardo / Houston, Texas
I wanted to give Vicky an excellent on the survey. Even though I like the web site, I would not have purchased without talking to Vicky. I am sure I ask more questions at the front-end than the average customer, but Vicky answered my questions with honesty and patience. I will order from Vicky again.