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Converse Eyeglasses

Converse Prescription Eyeglasses

Converse sneakers are the quintessential hybrid of athletic and street style, and so are Converse eyeglasses.

The History of Converse
Converse was founded in the early 1900s, and by 1915, the company was manufacturing athletic shoes for tennis. Shortly after, the celebrated Converse All-Star basketball shoe was introduced, and n 1932, the signature star was added to the high-topped sneakers.

While the brand only intended to market shoes for athletes, the brand began showing up on the streets, worn by people living on the edge - rock stars, celebrity icons and everyday people.

Converse now also offers clothing and accessories, like socks, hats, bags and, yes, eyewear.

Converse Frames
Converse eyewear is designed for the cool kid in us all - unpretentious and full of energy. Eye glasses styles range from traditional to funky, with fresh appeal to people from all walks of life.

Look for frames in plastic, metal and a combination of the two, in a wide variety of shapes including round, rectangle, cat-eye and more. As expected, colors range from classic black to vibrant shades like electric blue and fire engine red. The Converse eyeglasses line is designed the same way the shoes are - to be collectable.

Most temples are identified with either the Converse name, logo or star stamps for instant brand recognition. Whether you’re an avid fan of the sneaker or simply looking for a fun style of eyewear, Converse eyewear is a solid choice.

Lenses for Converse Eyeglasses
In addition to the fun, casual style of your frames, FramesDirect.com delivers industry-leading lenses online. When you’ve chosen your favorite pair of frames, you’ll select your lens material, type and add-on preferences. If you need help with this or with entering your prescription information, our friendly opticians will help. Simply call them at (800) 248-9427 and they will assist you.

And if you have any issues with your lenses, you can contact us within 30 days of delivery to correct the problem. We’re so confident in our product and process that we offer a 100% lens accuracy guarantee.

With frames starting at less than $100 (minus lenses) and unforgettable styles, you’ll love your new eyeglasses.

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Eyeglass Customer Testimonials

Shellie Z / Portland, Oregon
I took a chance and ordered my glasses online with Frames Direct. I received my glasses today and absolutely love them! They fit great, look great, and are exactly what I wanted. My Customer Service Online Optician, helped me along the way to make sure my prescription was correct and she was very thorough and quick to respond to any questions I had. Not only did she email, but she offered me her direct line. That's customer service. So I agree with her title. She's pretty awesome!

Fernando Ramos / Cáceres, Spain
Dear Supervisora, I recently purchased a pair of glasses with prescription lenses in that company and do not want to miss this opportunity to thank them for the care, treatment, kindness and good deeds that I have received from his employee Vicky Medina, since without it is very likely that this operation would not have been a success. With people like Vicky Medina, companies achieve excellence and create loyal customers and unconditional signature, which undoubtedly results in higher sales and consequently in higher profits, which is ultimately what every company pursues. Thanks for having these employees, as qualified as Vicky Medina and dedicated entirely to provide full customer satisfaction. Believe me, they have succeeded. Regards Fernando RAMOS.

James Williams / Aiken, South Carolina
I recently received my glasses and I just wanted to let you know how awesome these glasses are. Objects actually have "edges" now, and my vision is very sharp. With the low humidity of Autumn combined with the transitions lenses, I am seeing the world anew. I waited so long to get new specs, and I am glad I chose a firm who makes quality glasses. I will definitely order from you again, and soon.
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