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Neostyle Eyewear
See more Neostyle eyeglasses from Neostyle eyewear offers a frame to fit the personality of any individual, and being an individual is really what it's all about, isn't it? The Neostyle collection includes a variety of styles including oval, rectangular, and round models.

Neostyle Eyewear launches Momo Design, a collection of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses for men and women. For 20 years, Momo has been producing sporty accessories, such as wheels, steering wheels, gearshift knobs and racing suits, tied to the world of car racing and other motor sports.

The eyewear collection consists of 26 ophthalmic frames and 12 performance sunglasses in metal (including stainless steel and aluminum), plastic and metal/plastic combinations. Shapes are sports-inspired and range from small rectangles and ovals to larger wrap styles. Colors consist of antique metal tones and shades of blue, burgundy, red, tortoise and black, many with a matte finish.

Neostyle sunglasses feature Sola Rock Hard scratch-resistant lenses with a backside A-R coating or Sola polycarbonate polarized lenses.

"We saw a need for a line of eyewear that is sporty and dynamic. This collection is for men and women who love adventure, risk and excitement. We have created eyewear to fill that void in the marketplace," says Helmuth Igel, Neostyle president.

Included in the Citysmart line from Neostyle are six women?s and two men?s frames in modified oval, rectangular and upsweep shapes. Features consist of miniature spring hinges and flexible acetate temples on some of the styles.

Such structural details as crisscross bridges, split endpieces and floating lenses are incorporated into the design. Colors range from metal tones to blue, green, violet, orange, red, tortoise and black. The frames are produced in limited quantities to assure exclusivity.

CitySmart is geared toward individuals who want classic looks, but also want to project the self-assurance cutting-edge styling offers," says Neostyle president Helmuth Igel. "These new frames are an excellent alternative to the retro look."
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Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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