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PDCapture: How to Measure Your PD

What is PD?

PD stands for pupil distance. This is the measurement between both pupils. Sometimes a doctor may ask for a binocular PD measurement, which is written with one number on your prescription. Binocular PD is the measurement from one pupil to the other. A monocular PD measurement is written with two numbers. One number represents the measurement from one pupil to the bridge of your nose, and the other represents the measurement from the other pupil to the bridge of your nose. can use either of these measurements to make your prescription lenses.

Don't have a PD measurement? Simply call the location where you bought your last pair of glasses, or follow the simple steps below and can use our PDCapture technology to measure it for you!

How to find your PD using PDCapture:

  1. Place an order for prescription eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses on We have no way to track the measurement you send us without a valid order number in the subject line!
  2. Make sure that you have nothing blocking your eyes (like your current eyeglasses, hair, etc.)
  3. Place a CD/DVD under your chin holding it straight up and down, with the label side facing the camera. (See photo)
  4. Take a photo! Your photo should include a FULL view of your head and the CD/DVD. Be sure to look straight ahead at the camera.
  5. Send photo to Don't forget to include your order number in the subject line!
CD Placement Example


Dr. Dhavid Cooper

Dr. , Co-Founder of, has created PDCaptureSM, a pupil distance measuring tool. The tool uses facial-recognition software and complex mathematical algorithms to detect a two-dimensional object from a photo accurately and consistently. Pupillary distance measurements are made in less than a second.

Behind the Technology

PD Information

FramesDirect is able to measure a patients' PD (Pupil Distance) instantaneously from a photograph. Using proprietary facial recognition and imaging technologies, the system automatically recognizes known objects and reflections from the cornea, called Purkinje images.

If no Purkinje image is available, the system is able to recognize the borders of the iris to accomplish the same stunning level of accuracy.

Pupil distance measurements are taken at the time of an eye examination. Occasionally the PD information is omitted on an eyeglass prescription.

Now, getting a PD measurement as accurate as the doctor's can be done from the convenience of your computer.

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How to Measure PD
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