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Oakley Prescription RX Sunglasses

Oakley is one of the most recognizable names in the world, and their prescription sunglasses are among the most sought after, especially within the most extreme of circles.

In 1975, Jim Jannard began Oakley with a motorcycle grip made of patented Oakley Unobtainium©, and with this, Oakley began their legendary journey. Oakley would become synonymous with innovation and design performance, and their first prescription sunglasses would pave the way for one of the largest and most recognizable eyewear empires in the world.

Oakley prescription sunglasses set the bar high for standards in manufacturing, materials, and functionality. In all three cases, they have endeavored time and time again to provide the very best designs with the very best materials, bringing them to sports professionals and laymen alike. Oakley is the perfect brand to help you rise up from the ranks of the mere mortals and take the stage as a titan. Whether you are looking for the perfect frame to meet your active lifestyle, or are merely interested in owning the very best in manufacturing process and design, look to Oakley, and you will never be disappointed.

The Oakley prescription sunglass collection is full of a variety of frames in a broad range of color options. Sporty wraps and shields are present, as well as some more modernized interpretations of some other classic forms. The collection also contains a number of squares and over-sized frames. Oakley prescription sunglasses come with a variety of corrective lenses. These prescription lenses provide an extremely large range of functionality to suit each and every scenario one may face. Oakley prescription sunglasses are among the very best the world over. Isn't it time you experienced the best for yourself?

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65 products

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Sunglass Customer Testimonials

Nicholas R / Atlanta, Georgia
Tiffany, thank you so very much for not only following up, but also following through. The glasses are perfect, as I expected they would be. The entire transaction went beautifully, but I can say with much conviction, that your genuine and caring customer service was the most pleasant and the best part of all. You truly made it 5 stars. Thank you again.

James B. / Flower Mound, Texas
On April 9th I ordered Oakley Sun Prescription Fives 2.0 sunglasses with Progressive Black Iridium w/AR (Transitions) Plutonite lenses. I was told it would take up to four weeks for shipment. I was delighted to receive the sunglasses in just over one week. The sunglasses and the service exceeded my expectations. I will definitely shop with FramesDirect.com again and recommend you to my friends.

Alex H. / Lelystad , California
I got my Oakley prescription sunglasses today and must really say this is the best online purchase I did ever, me being from The Netherland... I know I sound like a commercial but I'm really happy with them.. Love the real Oakley case and logo on the sun glasses.. thanks for all Frames Direct.