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Burberry Prescription Eyeglasses Frames: Classic Designs With Contemporary Accents

Thomas Burberry decided in 1856 that he would open a store providing quality outdoor attire to British sportsmen. He is best known for patenting gabardine fabric and for practical but stylish all-weather coat designs. The designer is also famous for outfitting famous explorers such as Roald Amundsen (the first person to reach the South Pole) and members of the royal family. In the course of the company's more than 150-year history, Burberry has evolved from a small clothing shop in Basingstoke, England, to one of the most famous and recognizable names in fashion the world over.

The company introduced eyewear in 2006, during its 150th anniversary year. The luxury brand is dedicated to providing the highest quality of products and materials possible so that their frames maintain their status as among the best available today. With traditional styling and classic designs set off by contemporary accents and trendy influences, the brand offers an eyewear collection that combines a strong and dignified style with the highest quality standards.

Burberry eyeglasses come in a range of frames for men and women, in which progressive and single vision lenses are available to suit your particular vision correction needs. In fact, your lenses will be carefully checked against your prescription by on-staff certified opticians before your new glasses are delivered to you.

Burberry eyeglasses collection is dominated by metal and plastic rectangular and rounded-edge frames in rimmed, semi-rimless, and rimless styles. Frames also come in a variety of color options, so you can personalize your glasses to suit your own aesthetic preferences.

Spectacles by Burberry have the brand's unmistakable classic style and quality construction. Eyeglasses for men are understated, sophisticated, and elegant. They are perfect for an executive or a confident young man wanting to make a good first impression.

Burberry’s line of glasses for women exudes traditional styling with a contemporary flair. Shapes include feminine ovals, rounds, and rectangles with rounded edges. Colors range from subdued black and soft silver to youthful lavenders, blues, and pinks.

Materials commonly used to construct these eyeglass frames include metal, plastic, and acetate.

Acetate is the most common material used for frame manufacturing. It has endless possibilities for color, texture, and patterns. It can even be laminated to create great visual effects, and it can retain a higher luster. Acetate is lightweight, so it is often chosen for its versatility in coloring as well as for its comfort. Acetate is made out of cotton seed fibers and plasticizers.

Metal frames resist corrosion, plus they are strong and easily adjusted. The metal is engineered to retain its stability and shape.

Symbols associated with Burberry prescription glasses are the iconic check and the brand’s equestrian logo. Whether you wish to embrace a classic British look or simply feel nostalgic for the traditional styles of the past, Burberry is the eyeglasses brand for you.

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44 products

Eyeglass Customer Testimonials

Bryan Schmidt / Plano, Texas
Thank you again for your help while I was ordering my new frames and lenses --- they arrived last week, and I couldn't be happier! Perfect fit and, for whatever reason, I feel like I can actually see better through these than my last pair.- I will be sure to recommend your company to all of my friends and colleagues in the future --- Could not ask for a more helpful and pleasant experience when purchasing items through the mail and online --- thank you again!!

Melissa H / Clarksville, Tennessee
I would just like to thank you guys for providing such an outstanding product! I was skeptical about ordering glasses online but after receiving my new glasses yesterday I will NEVER use another company! I usually don’t write back to a company about a product but I almost cried when I saw my glasses; my prescription is pretty strong (-8.00) and I have had to deal with people making comments about how thick the lens are since elementary school but the glasses I ordered from you guys look normal! I have always ordered high index lens but they have never looked this thin! I would also like to thank Mikki for making sure the prescription was correct and quickly responding to my emails. It seems like this company really cares about their clients and I will be recommending you guys to everyone I know who wears glasses! Once again, thank you so much for this amazing product, I couldnt be more happy with my new glasses!!!!

Ghassan A., / Lexington, Kentucky
I would like to thank you as I have received my Oakley glasses yesterday and they are wonderful. Thank you for the prompt service as you have won me as a customer for the long run all the way from Bahrain.
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