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Costa is the leading provider of sunglasses for fishing enthusiasts. Being on the water during peak sunlight can be very hard on the eyes. Light reflecting off saltwater and freshwater waves and ripples causes eye strain and difficulty discerning details. Such conditions require sunglasses that are specially designed to help offset the particular characteristics of light on water. The brand offers sunglasses that give anglers the edge they need to land their catch. With custom designs and lens treatments as well as state-of-the-art lens manufacturing processes, sunglasses are available in nearly endless lens color and material combinations to suit almost any need.

Costa sunglasses (formerly Costa Del Mar Sunglasses) offer 100% UV protection. The collection includes a wide variety of high-glare or low-light lens colors as well. The technology allows them to stand up to conditions that often destroy other sunglasses. These high-quality precision-crafted are designed to keep up with a tough and rugged lifestyle.

Sun Protection & Perfect for Fishing & Water Sports

These sunglasses are  in high demand among those who spend a great deal of time on or near water. The brand’s niche is growing, though, in the world of professional sports and everyday fashion. Not just for fishing anymore, the highly versatile lenses and stylish frames can be worn for golfing, driving, water skiing, and much more. Anti-corrosive frames paired with specially-tinted lenses are perfect for any outdoor activity or just to make a strong visual statement.

In addition to their exceptional vision protection in varying light, Costa sunglasses have a distinctively sporty and contemporary look, with vivid lens colors and a modern array of shapes, colors, and patterns for the frames. In fact, the brand offers nearly unmatched variety in possible lens and frame, color and coating combinations.

Frame Styles from Classic to Wraparound

Costa sunglasses for men have a range of offerings, from classic metal-rimmed aviators to sporty nylon wraparounds. Both traditional lens tints, such as amber and grey, and colored lenses, such as blue and green, are available in nearly every style. Lenses are usually also available in polarized and mirrored options for use in intense light. Most sun glasses frames wrap around partially or fully for peripheral vision protection, which is important to the active sportsman.

Costa's line of sunglasses for women includes frames in popular shapes such as aviators, cat-eyes, rounded edges, ovals, and rectangles. Colors range from bold black to eye-catching colors and patterns in reds, blues, greens, white, and clear. There is even a popular rimless style with lightweight bridge and temple pieces that are incredibly comfortable and come in attractive color choices such as transparent pink and deep ruby red.

Costa Lenses for Any Lighting Condition

With any style, you can choose a lens color that suits your protection needs and the light conditions you most often encounter. Lens tints include shades of amber, grey, blue, and green. Each tint offers its own strengths and benefits.

Like the men’s styles, women’s sunglasses often provide some degree of wrap-around protection for peripheral vision, and lenses come in a variety of tints and reflectivity for a fully customized pair of shades.

All sunglasses are available with polarized lenses or mirrored coatings.

  • Polarized lenses have a filter within the lens that blocks the wavelengths of light that cause glare. They can greatly enhance contrast and allow for greater depth of vision, especially in water. They are ideal for any situation where glare reduction is necessary, like driving or playing sports.
  • Mirror coatings are suitable for protection from intense light. A mirror coating reflects light and reduces the amount of light passing through the lens. This makes it more comfortable for eyes in very sunny conditions.
Costa is among the best-known sunglass brands for active lifestyles available today. Whether you are an angler or a sailor, or you just want to look cool under the summer sun, Costa has a pair of sunglasses for you.

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Trey Smith / Orlando, Florida
I recently ordered lenses for my oakleys from you, and I was very satisfied with the entire transaction as it was quick and I was contacted not just by email but by phone by an actual person. So I was very much willing to come right back just a few weeks later to buy the costa sunglasses I have wanted for some time now. Thank you very much. You guys are awesome and I have already suggested you to many people! And I am moving away to college soon so I will send all my friends your way who want glasses as here in Florida they are a must. Thanks again

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I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent service that I received from Karen. I was happy with my service and then decided to make this purchase of Costa RX sunglasses. After working with Karen I will never purchase glasses from anyone else. I truly hope you realize just how valuable employee that Karen is to the success of your business. Because of people like her in your company will only continue to grow and be more successful. I truly hope that you do realize and reward Karen for her excellent customer service and caring about your customers. I will suggest to anyone I know purchasing glasses to purchase from Thank you Karen and I look forward to working with you in the future.

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I was very pleased with the timeliness of the service. The personel attention was outstanding. The CostaDelMar Corbina 400G sunglasses are great and exactly what I wanted. In fact I have ordered 2 More pair for my sons.
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