Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses: Premium Frames with Patented Maui Jim Lenses

Founded in 1986 in Maui, Maui Jim sunglasses were created to hold up to harsh lighting and to block glare coming off water.

Using a patented lens technology, these sunglasses provide optimal clarity and eye comfort in most any outdoor condition. Maui Jim frames are offered in both fashionable and sporty styles, including aviators, wayfarers, wraparound sun glasses and more.

Proprietary Lens Technology

Maui Jim sunglasses block 99 percent of glare and 100 percent of UV rays, a claim that is only made by the leader in sunglass lenses. The quality sun lenses are crafted in Italy and Japan and provide the most extreme color boosting technology available. The patented technology is exclusive to the brand, and because of its industry leading lenses, most people who own Maui Jim sunglasses own three to five pairs each.

Maui Jim was recently awarded the Seal of Recommendation from the American Skin Care Foundation for having the highest amount of UV protection on the market.

Maui Jim Lens Materials

Maui Jim sunglasses come in four materials. Glass lenses are best for thin, light and preferred for saltwater use. MauiPure™ is a lightest weight lens available. Maui Evolution® offers premium clarity and is lightweight. Polycarbonate lenses are the most impact-resistant.

All lenses meet ANSI and other safety standards, and each offers extreme clarity and color enhancement.

Maui Jim Lens Treatments

Maui Jim lenses are designed with every detail in mind. First, a Clearshell treatment is applied, which acts as a primer for other applications. An anti-reflective treatment blocks glare from the back of the lens. Lenses are water and oil repellent, thanks to an additional coating created for wearers spending time in the sun and water. Some lenses come with a bi-gradient mirror treatment, which reflects light from above and below – the lenses "squint" so wearers don’t have to.

Lens Colors for Maui Jim Sunglasses

When selecting frames, up to four lens colors are available: grey, rose, bronze and a special hue that allows the highest usable light transmission as well as enhanced color and crisp details.

Choose the lens color that suits your lifestyle, and select mirrored, gradient and/or polarized lens options.

Shopping on

Shopping for shades online is a simple, quick process with Filter by price, frame color/material, lens color and more. You can even shop based on sport. Like thousands of others who have shopped, you're sure to be satisfied when your Maui Jim sunglasses show up in the mail!

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John, C. / Fayetteville, Maryland
I would like to take some time here and thank your company. I have never in my life had such a wonderful experience ordering a product online. She called to inform me that the Maui Jim sunglasses I had ordered are shipped to you direct from the manufacturer, and that Next Day Air is only after you receive them. She just wanted to make sure I understood I would not receive them tomorrow or the next day. I had in fact not paid attention while ordering, and thanked her for taking time to let me know. Not only did I get a great deal on the sunglasses, I saved on shipping that I did not really need. I never have received such good customer service. I can assure you that you have a customer for life now. I will be sure to let everyone I know that needs to make this kind of purchase to definitely use Again, THANK YOU!

Jered Bischoff / Eden, Utah
You made me happy thank you the Frames Direct company and last but not least Karen! I've bought three or four pairs of specs through you guys I appreciate everything and I'll recommend you to friends and family plus I'll be back in the future thank you very much.

Janet B. / Redhill, Virginia
My Carrera Sunglasses arrived safely today and may I say the service provided by your firm is one the finest I have experienced. Many thanks and I shall have no reservations about recommending your services to anyone. I'm sure I shall use you again. Sincerely Janet B.
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