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Persol Sunglasses

Persol sunglasses are among the most well respected and distinguished eyewear brands in the world. In 1917, Giuseppe Ratti started down the path to what would later become the sunglass sensation Persol. Persol derives its name from the Italian phrase "Per il sole", meaning "for the sun." And with that, Persol's illustrious career with sunwear begins.

The Meflecto system implemented within all Persol sunglass frames is a patented "flexible stem" that is not only distinctive, but provides the flexibility and sound craftsmanship to ensure that your Persol sunglasses will maintain durability and style. However, this is not the only trademarked design detail on the Persol sunglass lines: the Silver Arrow is definitely the most recognizable feature on Persol frames. The arrow logo honors the sword of ancient warriors, annoucing that Persol sunglasses are in a league of their own. Celebrities are also among the many devoted fans of Persol sunglasses; some of the most notable are Steve McQueen, Bruce Cambell, and Jay-Z.

Persol sunglasses are one of the premier fashion brands available today, with each frame hand-crafted in Italy. It is this process that lets you know that your Persol sunglasses are among the very best in the world for quality and craftsmanship. With the finest quality lenses and frames to suit any number of individual styles, Persol sunglasses are the premier choice for the fashion-conscious consumer.

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Dan A / Walnut Creek, California
I got the sunglasses!They’re terrific—thank you very much for being so kind about keeping me up to date on their status.You guys are great to do business with—I’ll be back many times.

Carlton W. / FPO, AP
I was very happy to get my Persol sunglasses in a timely manner, they are awesome, and are the rave when I wear them. Frames Direct.....hits the mark Thank you!

Mark J. / Darwin , California
Just a short note to say "thank you" for your very prompt service. I placed an order with Frames Direct on the 13th of April and received my Persol sunglasses on the 17th. Believe you me that is faster than I receive my domestic mail within Australia... I will certainly be doing business with you guys again! Mark J. Darwin,Australia