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Persol Sunglasses: Italian Crafted Frames & Precision Persol Lenses

Persol is a venerable and well respected brand that was established in 1917 by Giuseppe Ratti. The high-end brand derives its name from the Italian phrase "Per il sole,” which means "for the sun." The Italian eyewear maker would eventually become a global sunglass sensation.

One feature that sets Persol sunglasses apart from other brands is the Meflecto system. The Meflecto system, which is incorporated into all sunglass frames, is a patented "flexible stem" that provides the flexibility and sound craftsmanship to ensure that your sunglasses will maintain durability and style.

Another distinctive design detail on Persol sunglasses is the Silver Arrow, which is definitely the most recognizable feature on these frames. The arrow logo is meant to honor the swords of ancient warriors. This is a metaphor for the strong leadership role Persol has always taken in the sunwear industry, as well as evoking the strength of its sunglass wearers.

With precision-crafted lenses and a variety of frames to suit anyone’s individual style, high-quality Persol sunglasses have always been a staple accessory for fashion-conscious buyers. Celebrities are also among the many devoted fans of the brand’s sunglasses, helping to boost the continuing popularity of the brand.

Many of the designer’s sunglass frames are retro-inspired, with classic shapes such as aviators, rounds, squares, and a modernized wayfarer. They are perfect for those looking for shades with a retro-glamorous vibe in contemporary colors and materials.

Sunglasses by this designer are designed with the brand’s unique style and exceptional quality construction. Sunglasses for men range from metal-rimmed aviators to edgy contemporary hybrid wayfarer/wraparound frames that stand out in a crowd. Both traditional lens tints and colored lenses are available, depending on the style. Some even come with pink or blue lenses for the self-confident man who wants to be noticed.

Persol's line of sunglasses for women offers a selection of the best and most popular shapes for women, including cat-eyes, rounded edges, and ovals. Colors range from bold black to eye-catching dual-colored patterns in yellows, greens, and reds. You can choose a lens color that complements your frames and suits your vision needs.

Many styles are available with polarized lenses or gradient tints.
  • Polarized lenses have a filter within the lens that blocks the wavelengths of light that cause glare. They can greatly enhance contrast and allow for greater depth of vision, especially in water. They are ideal for any situation where glare reduction is necessary, like driving or playing sports.
  • Gradient tints are tints that start off at a darker color at the top of a lens and then gradually lighten towards the bottom of the lenses. These tints are great for fashion and for reading outside on sunny days. Gradient coatings work by allowing an appropriate amount of light to filter through in certain areas and less in places where protection is most necessary
Many frames can accommodate prescription sunglass lenses, in which case progressive and single vision lenses are available to suit your particular vision correction needs. In fact, your lenses will be carefully checked against your prescription by on-staff certified opticians before your new sun glasses are delivered to you.

Persol is a premium eyewear brand like few others. Each frame is hand-crafted in Italy, and the company’s meticulous design and manufacturing process assures that your Persol sunglasses will be created with high quality and careful craftsmanship.

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