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Ray-Ban Prescription Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban Prescription RX Eyeglasses Ray-Ban RX5121 EyeglassesRay-Ban is arguably the most famous name in the world when it comes to eyewear. Ray-Ban's styles are unmistakable, and the company’s heritage is among the most influential. Known worldwide for creating some of the best eyeglasses on the market today, Ray-Ban is constantly evolving and adapting to the world around it, and its eyeglass frames exemplify this characteristic.

Best known for its iconic styles in designer shades, Ray-Ban also offers prescription eyeglasses in the same highly distinctive and timeless frame styles, such as the consistently popular Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Ray-Ban Aviators, and Ray-Ban Clubmaster frames the brand originally created—plus, of course, many other stylish and contemporary premium spectacles to suit any face shape or style preference.

Ray-Ban achieved its first major market innovation with the introduction of the sleek and distinctive Ray-Ban Aviators in the 1930s. These were specifically developed as light-weight "eye protection" to help military aviators pilot their aircraft safely and comfortably at higher altitudes under an unforgiving sun.

Once the "aviators" were made available to the general public, Ray-Ban glasses became a favorite choice of for men. Throughout the 20th century, Ray-Ban Aviators were worn by historic figures such as General Douglas MacArthur, popular musicians such as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Freddie Mercury, and film celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Sylvester Stallone. The Aviator became a symbol of courage, grit, excitement, and victory.

Since then, over many decades of consistent quality and innovative style, Ray-Ban has evolved into a premiere fashion brand that has helped to shape popular culture. Beyond a fashion trend, Ray-Ban glasses identify the wearer as tasteful, bold, and cool. From Hollywood to the Oval Office, generations of Americans have owned or wanted to own a pair of Ray-Bans. And now, nearly eight decades since the legendary Ray-Ban Aviator helped pilots soar higher into the heavens than ever before, Ray-Ban continues to excel at quality, innovation and style.

Driven to be the best in optical technologies, offers a diverse range of corrective lenses for your Rayban frames, including bi-focals, tri-focals, progressives, and single vision lenses to suit your particular vision correction needs. In fact, your lenses will be carefully checked against your prescription by on-staff opticians before your new glasses are delivered to you.

To frame your precision-crafted lenses in distinctive style, Ray-Ban prescription eyeglass frames come in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and titanium. Rim designs include full rim, semi-rimless, and rimless. Ray-Ban color choices are generally classic black, grey, silver, and tortoiseshell, though some styles offer subtle splashes of color such as red arms or a touch of blue shading on the inner rim of the frames. Shapes range from the iconic classic styles to rectangles, rounds, squares and more. Narrow your search further to find Ray-Ban eyeglasses frames for women or Ray-Ban eyeglasses frames for men. Whatever your vision correction needs or your taste in frames, has the Ray-Ban designer glasses you’re looking for.

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Isabel Owens / Scottsdale, Arizona
You guys are the Save me lots of money and I can use my FSA card on this item. I can't believe the prices in the stores! I bought prescription on my first pair and now a set of regular shades for my contact days. Plus we are encouraged to use promos and credit to the account. That is pretty cool. Best site ever to get eyewear.

Logan Powell / Washington, District of Columbia
Wow. I just got my glasses in record time. You are amazing :)

Gaurav Jain / Jersey City, New Jersey
Excellent service.. I had requested for a quick delivery and it came much earlier than I expected.. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.. Nice frames..good price..great discounts.