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Revo Sunglasses: Built for Adventure with High Contrast Polarized Lenses

In 1985 Revo took NASA technology and applied it to the design and manufacture of sunglasses. The result was the most advanced sunglasses on Earth. Revo’s sunglasses utilize their own proprietary High Contrast Polarized lenses to provided the wearer the clearest and most comfortable view of the world around them.

Built for adventure, Revo sunglasses are perfect for people who demand sunglasses to be more than a simple fashion accessory, but a vital asset in their collection of gear. Their patented Motion-fit frames provide more than just unsurpassed comfort, they position the lenses in such a way that it guarantees the widest and clearest field of vision possible.

International shipping is available. Innovative Revo Sunglasses are like no other sunglasses in the world. Great mirror coatings provide 100% UV protection. Revo Sunglasses excellent wearability, maximum comfort and versatility will satisfy the most demanding sun glass wearer. Revo Sunglasses lenses provide excellent resistance to abrasion.

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Sunglass Customer Testimonials

Tom K., / Baltimore, Maryland
"Many thanks for quickly and inexpensively filling my order for a pair of REVO sunglasses. I was so struck by the process I was compelled to visit the local Sunglass Outlet and tell all in line they were wasting their money -- FramesDirect is the only way to shop! Look forward to future purchases through you."

David M., / Los Angeles, California
"Thank you for the prompt service and shipping. I love my new Revo Sunglasses. Having been a Revo wearer for many years...your great prices made it possible for me to justify having a "spare" pair to see the world clearly and safely."

Martin Smith / Fremont, California
I just received my 3rd prescription sunglasses from FramesDirect and I want to congratulate you on another outstanding performance.