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Flexon Eyewear
See more Flexon sunglasses from Eclips has licensed Marchon Eyewear?s patented memory metal, Flexon, to use in its custom clip system. The result of the combined technologies is an extremely flexible, durable, rimless clip, Eclips says.

The clips are available in an extensive array of colors to complement today?s frame styles. A wide selection of plano polycarbonate lenses, including polarized lenses with optional A-R coating, is offered.

"Carrying a large inventory of pre-made clips is expensive. As a result, ordering clips as needed makes sense for consumers and retailers alike. The Flexon brand is well known for durability. Eclips is known for innovation. The combination of Flexon technology with our clip system makes perfect sense," says Eclips CEO David Salk.
The incredible Flexon eyewear collection features a titanium based alloy which is 10 times more flexible than conventional metals and quickly reverts to its original shape even after extreme bending. It is also 25 percent lighter that conventional frame metals. The result is comfort, flexibility, durability and technologically superior eyewear frames.

Flexon is a favorite of many, including the film industry. When his job behind the camera was done, "Star Wars" director George Lucas saw through the lenses of Marchon Eyewear?s Flexon 231 in havana natural. The creator of "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace," wore the frame at the film?s studio premiere in Hollywood.

Flexon is used as a quality flexible material found in other popular eyewear frames. Both Nike and Maui Jim have jumped on the Flexon trend by outfitting select frame models with this durable metal.

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See more Flexon Kids eyeglasses from Marchon Eyewear adds the Nike Flexon Junior Ophthalmics collection to its Nike Eyeware adult line. Targeting the active pre-teen market, the new collection, which has the same cutting-edge characteristics as the adult styles, blends Nike?s performance technology with Marchon?s patented Flexon memory metal. Features consist of Nike?s signature occipital temple fit, colorful dual-injected temple tips and rubberized anti-slip nosepads.

Maui Jim teams its patented PolarizedPlus lens technology with Marchon Eyewear?s popular Flexon memory metal frames. Flexon memory metal is a titanium-nickel alloy that snaps back to its original shape after being bent. The lenses, which are polarized glass, feature Maui Jim?s seven-layer lens design that blocks glare from above, blow and behind the lens. Lenses are offered in neutral gray or HCL (High Contrast Lens) bronze. Maui Jim single-vision Rx lenses are available in select models.

Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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