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Marchon Eyewear
See more Marchon eyeglasses from Marchon Eyewear presents the Marchon Collection, consisting of six metal and two plastic ophthalmic frames in men?s, women?s and unisex styles.

According to Marchon, the new line is reflective of the most fashion-forward of millennium trends: narrow oval, rectangular and almond eyeshapes in both ultra-thin metal and plastic laminates.

"This new collection builds on key features that are bestsellers for the Marchon core brand?spring hinges, traditional eyeshapes and coordinated clip-ons," says Frank Lam, Marchon?s vice president of product development.
Features include spring hinges (in some cases concealed within the temple design), coordinated clip-on sunlenses, extended endpieces and silver rivet detailing.

Colors range from metal tones, tortoise, demi amber, mocha and black to triple laminates combining shades of brown and olive with blue, green, burgundy and lavender.

Marchon eyewear captures the spirit of today's lifstyle, with something for every member of the family. Marchon consistently offers quality frames at great value, for both comfort and improved vision.
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Reprinted Courtesy 20/20 magazine
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