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Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

Whether you're wearing your glasses for fashion or function, you have to look your best. Great eyewear can enhance your appearance by drawing attention to your favorite features while minimizing any imperfections.

How to pick eyeglasses or sunglasses? There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the most appealing glasses for your face. Style, shape, size, color, and material are just a few. The easiest way to narrow down the glasses features that will complement your face the most is by face shape. Follow the steps below to determine your face shape. Then, use our face shape guide to find out which frames look the most attractive on you.

Determining Your Face Shape

There are four basic face shapes: round (circle), square, heart, and oval. If you already know your face shape, select one of the face shape buttons at the top of the page to learn more about which glasses styles are recommended for you. If you're not sure, follow the steps below to help determine your face shape.

One quick and easy way to determine your face shape is to literally trace the outline of your face. This can be done with a pen and a piece of paper placed on top of a photo of your face. Or, you can trace the outline of your face on your bathroom mirror using a dry erase pen, lipstick, eyeliner, or some other temporary marker.

Once you've finished tracing, step back and look at the outline. You should be able to tell which shape the outline most resembles. If you're still unsure, the questions below may help you finalize your face shape type.

What is the widest part of your face?

Forehead Cheeks Chin

Wide Wide Narrow

Rounded Wide Rounded

Wide Wide Wide

Narrow Wide Narrow
  • Forehead: If your forehead is wide and your chin narrow or pointed, then you most likely have a heart-shaped face.
  • Cheeks: You probably have a round or heart-shaped face. The shape of your chin will help you decide between the two shapes.
  • Chin: If your chin is wide, then you probably have a square-shaped face.
  • None: If your face is fairly symmetrical with no part being noticeably wider than another, you could have either an oval or square-shaped face. Your jawline's shape should narrow down your selection.

What is the general shape of your chin and jawline?

  • Square:Often referred to as a "strong jawline," people with square, defined chins usually have square faces as well.
  • Round:People with round chins are often described as having soft jawlines, without any angles. A round chin usually means you have a round or oval face, depending on the size of your chin compared to the proportions of the rest of your face.
  • Tapered or Pointed:If your chin is narrower than the rest of your face, you probably have an oval- or heart-shaped face. People with wider forehead and cheeks are considered to have heart-shaped faces, while those with more symmetrical features would be classified as oval faces.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, click on the face shape button below to learn more about which glasses will look best on you.

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