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Hipster Glasses & Eyewear

Hipster eyewear is characterized by vintage-inspired frame designs with a modern twist. Themes typically found in hipster-style eyewear include thick rims and edgy colors, patterns, or design details. Wayfarers and circles are common frame shapes associated with this style.

Hipster Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RX5154 - Clubmaster Eyeglasses
Black On Texture Camufla (5649)
Ray-Ban RX5150 Eyeglasses
Brown-Transparent Havana (2019)
From $70
Shuron Ronsir Zyl Eyeglasses
Black Briar with Silver Chassis and Slipper Temple
Ray-Ban RX5279 Eyeglasses
Brown Horn Gradient Transparent Beige (5542)
From $85

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Hipster Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3025 - Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses
Black / Grey Green Lens (L2823)
From $150
Ray-Ban RB2140 - Original Wayfarer Sunglasses
Spotted Black Havana / Green Lens (1157)
From $112
Ray-Ban RB3447 - Round Metal Sunglasses
Arista / Crystal Green Lens (001)
From $150
Ray-Ban RB4105 - Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses
Matte Black / Grey Mirror Lilac Lens (601S4K)
From $87.50
Ray-Ban RB3362 - Cockpit Sunglasses
Matte Gold / Grey Mirror Blue Lens (112/17)
From $87.50
Ray-Ban RB4125 - CATS 5000 Sunglasses
Black / Crystal Grey Gradient Lens (601/32)
Ray-Ban RB3136 - Caravan Sunglasses
Arista / Crystal Green Lens (001)
From $150
Ray-Ban RB3449 Sunglasses
Arista / Brown Gradient Lens (001/13)
From $115.50

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Hipster Prescription Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB4105 - Folding Wayfarer Prescription Sunglasses
From $150
Prescription Lenses Extra
Randolph Engineering Aviator II Prescription Sunglasses
Bright Chrome
$189From $170.10
Prescription Lenses Extra
Prada PR 17OS - Swing Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription Lenses Extra
Oakley Enduro Prescription Sunglasses
Matte Brown Tortoise - Gunmetal Icon
Prescription Lenses Extra
Gunnar RPG by Razer Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription Lenses Extra
Nike  Trophi Prescription Sunglasses
Pink Foil - Cactus
Prescription Lenses Extra
Gunnar Cerberus By Razer Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription Lenses Extra

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Hipster Eyewear
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