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Eyeglasses Sizing Guide

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Just like clothes, eyewear has sizes, too! One of the most common mistakes people make when buying eyeglasses online is ordering the wrong frame size. Similar to knowing the length and waist measurements of your pants size, finding the right eyeglasses size requires you to know a few different measurements, too. Our frame size guide below can help you determine the correct glasses size to order.

Keep in mind that your eyeglasses size and your sunglasses size may be slightly different, depending on the style of frames you choose for each. Also, each frame is different, so the size information you need may not always be located where you would expect. So, we encourage you to call us if you have any questions about how to find the perfect frame size to fit your face.

Select an option below to help find your frame size. Then, shop for eyeglasses, in your size by using the filters on the left-hand side of our catalog pages.

Option 1 - Find My Size in My Current Frame

If you have glasses already, your frame size is usually stamped somewhere on the frame--usually inside one of the temples. Other places you may look are along the nose pad, across the bridge, or sometimes on the ear piece.

Show Me How to Find My Size

What to look for:

There can be a variety of information inside your frame including the model number, the code to determine the color and style, the eye size, the bridge size, and the temple size. These can be displayed in varying orders and in a variety of ways, but don't get frustrated just yet. It's easier to find the information you're looking for than you may think!

You are looking for two sets of two-digit numbers and then one three-digit number. That's all you have to look for. Here's how to identify them:

A Two-digit number ranging from 40 to 62 = Your Eye Size

Another Two-digit number ranging from 14 to 24 = Your Bridge Size

A Three-digit number ranging from 120 to 150 = Your Temple Size

How to recognize the numbers you're looking for:

The eye size and bridge size are often located next to one another, sometimes separated by a square box icon (example shown above). The temple size may follow those two sets of numbers either immediately after or with other info in between.

What you can ignore:

If you see a group of capital letters and numbers together, this is generally the frame model number or the frame color/style number(s). In the image above, "VPR 020" is the frame model number while "EAJ-101" is the color/style number.

What to do if you're still confused:

Try Option 02 or Option 03 below. We can help you!

Please note:

  • This process does not apply to sunglasses
  • It will not work on round frames
  • Does not guarantee fit
  • Does not provide temple length

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Option 2 - Measure My Size for Me

If you can't find your frame size easily, we can measure it for you! Simply follow the two steps below:

Step 01 - Take a Photo of Yourself Holding a CD/DVD

Make it look as close as possible to the example, following the instructions below:

How to take your photo for frame sizing

Note: Don't forget to take off your glasses for the photo!

Step 02 - Send the Photo to Us

Ready to send your photo? Simply save it as a .jpg file, no larger than 2Mb in size, and send it to

Highlight the email address above to copy and paste it.

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Option 3 - Confused? Call Us for Help!

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International: +1 512 402 8557

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