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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses work by realigning incoming horizontal light and minimizing light scatter. This results in reduced or eliminated glare and enhanced contrast. While polarized sunglasses eliminate the harsh glare from the sun, they also help you see more clearly by providing you with enhanced color vision, remarkable contrast, and a crisp field of vision. It is these benefits of polarized sunglasses that make them ideal for a wide variety of leisure activities, from sports fishing and golf to driving and tennis.

Many brands, like Maui Jim and Costa, use polarized lenses for the specific purpose of reducing glare that comes off the water. This helps anglers and boatmen see better, not just above but below the water as well. The reduced glare and enhanced contrast provided by polarized sunglasses also makes driving in bright sunlight safer and easier, which is why premium brands like Serengeti only use polarized lenses in their drivewear.

Top Polarized Sunglasses for Men

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Polarized Sunglasses
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