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Virtual Eyewear Try-On

Want to see how you will look wearing a pair of glasses or sunglasses before you buy them? You can, using's Virtual Try-On tool. Simply click the triangular corner flags that say "TRY" next to select frame images on pages where products are shown.

Once clicked, a pop-up will appear showing one of our default models wearing that particular frame. You can select another model from the side bar — one of a different age, gender, ethnicity, or face shape. Or, you can upload your own photo to see how the frames will look on you specifically.

Need help? Our Virtual Try-On is easy to use, but if you need help, check out our Tips for Using Virtual Try On below or call 1-800-248-9427 to have a certified optician help get you started.

Ready to try Virtual Try On?Click any gray "TRY" icon in the products below!

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Tips for Using Virtual Try-On

How Do I Take and Upload My Own Photo?
How to Upload Your Own Photo

You can take your photo with any camera, including your smart phone or your computer's web cam. Position the camera at nose-level and look straight ahead at the camera when you snap the picture. Avoid photo angles where your face is turned away slightly or where the camera is above or below nose-level. If you don't like the shot you've taken, try again. You can upload as many different photos as you like.

To upload your photo:

  • Click on any triangular "TRY" flag on any product.
  • Click the "Use Your Own Photo" button at the bottom.
  • Click the "Upload My Photo" button that appears.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
What if the Frame Isn't Positioned Correctly?
How to Reposition the Frame

Once you've clicked a triangular "TRY" flag, if the frame shown on the model's face (or your face, if you've uploaded your own photo) isn't positioned exactly to your liking, simply use your mouse to reposition it.

To reposition a frame:

  • Click on the frame and hold the mouse button down
  • Slide the frame into proper position
  • Let go of the mouse button
Virtual Glasses Try-On
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