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Prescription Safety Glasses

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Many workers underestimate the importance of eye health, especially when working 9-5, five days a week. Who has time to go see an optician? But eye health is extremely important, and should be on your radar, especially if you work in an environment that requires you to wear safety glasses. A research study undertaken by Prevent Blindness America showed that over 700,000 Americans suffer eye injuries on the job each year. In addition, another 125,000 people injure their eyes at home, not to mention the countless thousands of eye injuries that go unreported. Fortunately, most of these injuries can be avoided with a high-quality pair of safety glasses with impact-resistant lenses.

Safety glasses are not regular glasses and regular glasses are not a replacement for safety glasses. One major difference in these two products are material. Some safety glasses are made with the same material that is used for jet windshields. The chances of them shattering on impact is slim to none, because they are built and tested to withstand high impact projectiles that regular glass would not. Normal glasses, while sturdy and built for everyday wear, are made of a plastic called acetate that is not heavy duty enough to protect your eyes in work situations. The second main difference is that regular prescription glasses do not give the 360 covered that safety glasses do. Regular glasses are meant for comfort, not protection. Finally, the "safety goggles worn over glasses" look is not safe either. Regular glasses under safety glasses do not allow safety glasses to sit where they are supposed to or, in some cases, to seal appropriately to your face. If you need prescription lenses, and you wear safety glasses on a regular basis, the safest option is to buy prescription safety glasses.

Prescription safety glasses can only truly be considered protective eye wear if they meet certain requirements established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). OSHA enforces occupational health and safety standards while ANSI establishes manufacturing standards. FramesDirect offers a variety of prescription and nonprescription safety glasses to protect your eyes that are available to order online 24/7 at your convenience.

Prescription Safety Glasses

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Prescription Safety Glasses Online: Titmus Ext 13-Titanium
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