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Ordering Prescription Lenses Online

FD Quality Assurance Lenses RX Guarantee

Our simplified ordering process and 30 Day Lens Guarantee make easy work of adding prescription lenses to your frames. Our expert opticians understand the importance of accuracy and quality in prescription lenses and are focused on meeting your eyewear needs. From single vision to progressive lenses, we have you covered.

We Make the Process Simple.

With our 3-step ordering process, choosing the right lenses for your designer frames is easy.

  1. Select your lens type: single vision, bifocal or progressive.
  2. Choose your desired lens thickness and material, depending on your prescription and lifestyle.
  3. Add enhancement options like Transitions® and Anti-Reflective coating.

That's it! The helpful videos below will empower you to make the most informed decisions about your eyeglass lens purchase.

Order with Confidence

Our opticians will call you to verify your prescription before the lab starts working on your order. If you don't understand your prescription or it isn't available, not to worry! You can send us the prescription or request that we contact your doctor/optician. We're happy to help!

30-Day Lenses RX Guarantee

Each lens must undergo a rigorous 6-step quality assurance process and verification using innovative digital lens technology. This ensures total accuracy and lenses that are free of scratches, distortions and defects. We provide scratch-resistant coating with every prescription at no charge.

We guarantee the accuracy of your lenses. If your prescription lenses are not 100% accurate, call us within 30 days of receiving your items and we will replace the lenses free of charge. Call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-248-9427.

Frames cannot be exchanged under the lens guarantee. Replaced lenses must be the same lens type, material, and options as originally ordered.

And if your doctor makes any changes to your prescription within 30 days of you receiving your order, we will make new lenses for your same frames for free. If your doctor changes your prescription 31-90 days after receiving your order, we will remake your lenses at 50% of the retail cost.

12-Month Warranty

Our prescription lenses are also covered by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. The warranty for lenses covers manufacturing defects such as peeling coatings but not damage induced by the wearer such as abuse from rough handling, incorrect cleaning, etc. Free scratch-resistant coating is not included in the warranty.

STEP 1: What type of lenses do you need?

Select one lens type below.

Single Vision
Distance or Near
With Visible Line
No-Line Bifocal

More Information

STEP 2: Lens Material Information

Select your preferred lens thickness

30% Thinner than Plastic
Hi Index 1.67
45% Thinner than Plastic
Hi Index 1.74
For Extra-Strong Prescriptions

More Information

STEP 3: Lens Add-Ons Information

Select your lens options

Transitions® Signature
Add Light Adjusting Option
Add Glare-Free Option
UV Protection
Add 100% UV Protection Option

More Information


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