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How to Clean Your Glasses

How to Clean Eyeglasses

Knowing how to clean your eyeglasses will help you get the most out of your investment. FramesDirect.com has compiled 5 easy tips that will show you how to properly handle and clean your glasses. Whether cleaning your eyeglass frames or lenses, these tips will keep your glasses looking new.

Handling Your Eyeglasses

1. Handling Your Eyeglasses

When handling your glasses, hold them by the frames and use both hands. The last thing you want to do is drop them on the lenses. Also, when you set down your glasses, make sure that you place them upside down with the bridge at the bottom. This prevents scratched lenses, and keeps more top-heavy frames from falling over.

Cleaning Your Eyeglass Frames

2. Cleaning Your Frames

When cleaning your eyeglass frames, use warm, soapy water and a gentle cloth to wipe away grime and oil once a week at most.

  • A soft toothbrush can be used to clean away grime and oil from the nosepads and hinges.
  • Avoid touching the lenses with the toothbrush bristles, and dry your glasses with a microfiber cloth.
Cleaning Your Lenses

3. Cleaning Your Lenses

When cleaning your lenses, although you can use a glass lens cleaner, do not use any cleaners not meant for eyeglass lenses, specifically, cleaners with ammonia. Your lenses have many different coatings on them, that are sensitive to ammonia and chemicals. Most household cleaners fall into this category.

  • First wash your hands. Greasy or grimy fingers will make it harder to clean your glasses. Also, dirt on your fingers could scratch the delicate lenses.
  • With clean hands, spray your lenses with an appropriate cleaner. Sprays both sides of the glasses lens. Never attempt to clean your lenses dry. But if you must, use the softest cotton fiber possible. In addition to microfiber cloth, tissue without moisturizer is a good option.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, gently clean your lenses. Then use the dry portion of a microfiber cloth to dry them. To avoid damaging your eyeglass lenses, do not use paper towels, dishtowels, shirttails, or other fabrics to dry them.
  • The simplest way to clean your eyeglass lenses is to use warm water and mild soap like dishwashing liquid that does not contain a lotion additive. Gently clean the lenses with your clean fingers.
  • You can also purchase prepackaged moistened wipes designed specifically for glasses lenses.

4. Professional cleaning

If you’ve neglected your glasses for a period of time, or they’ve simply accumulated a lot of grime from years of use, you might enquire about a professional cleaning if your glasses are in good shape. Lenses that don’t have many blemishes and frames that have maintained their shape well, are good candidates for a professional cleaning. New nose pads and a little adjustment will make those old glasses seem like new again.

5. Storing Your Glasses

Always store your glasses in their case. Be careful of leaving them in places that get too hot—near a heater, fireplace, or in a hot car, for example. Heat can warp lenses or cause them to peel. Storing your glasses in their case will also prevent them from getting dusty or having anything spilled on them.

Contact one of our experienced opticians if you have any questions about lens cleaning, how to handle your glasses, or just a question about our glasses in general!

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