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Ray-Ban Wayfarer

The definition of wayfarer is "a person who travels from place to place usually by walking." This idea of a carefree wanderer inspired Ray-Ban's invention of a trailblazing new kind of eyewear. Advances in the technology of molded plastic in the 1950's allowed designer's imaginations to range free, and the result was the distinctive trapezoidal frame of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Wayfarers soon became cultural shorthand for the rebellious rock and roll spirit, as immortalized by James Dean.

The Wayfarer Goes Way Back

Over the years Ray-Ban Wayfarers have waxed and waned in popularity. When the over sized glasses of the 70's came into style, many people thought of Wayfarers as a quaint reminder of the teenage centric culture of the 50's and 60's. But in the 80's Wayfarers came back with a vengeance. You could attribute their comeback to the Wayfarer's supporting role in many of the hottest movies and television shows of the day. (Seen as part of the unmistakable uniform of the Blues Brothers, on Tom Cruise in Risky Business, and worn by Don Johnson in Miami Vice.)

But as with all fashion, this surge in popularity changed again with the seasons, and the 90's brought another slump to Wayfarer's sales (when sportier, wrap around sunglasses shapes with crazy coatings became all the rage.) Thankfully, in the mid-2000's, a renewed love of vintage styles emerged - and Ray-Ban wayfarer's have maintained their place in the sun ever since. These days it would be easier to list the celebrities who DON'T wear Wayfarers than the seemingly endless list of those who do. It's so easy to make a statement about being free, fun and a little bit edgy by simply throwing on a pair of these shades.

Endless Choices

Since Wayfarers are massively popular, Ray-Ban has done their part - by providing seemingly endless frame and lens combinations - to allow you to still make an individualistic fashion statement. There are three types of Ray-Ban Wayfarers the Original Wayfarer, the New Wayfarer and the Folding Wayfarer. All the Wayfarers come with the signature metal rivets on the end points, the trademark shark fin shaped temples, and the metallic Ray-Ban logo embedded on the temples. The Folding and the Original Wayfarers retain the old school bold trapezoidal shape, while the New Wayfarer has a smaller frame and a slightly softer eye shape. Ray-Ban continually innovates with textures and colors for the frames, but the classic material is glossy, durable Acetate. From old school black to fluorescent hues, and mix and match textures and patterns, the choice is yours.

There are also a wide variety of lens options depending on how you plan to put your Wayfarers to work. Whether you are spending the day at a music festival or putting in nine holes, Ray-Ban lenses will give you the clarity and protection that your eyes need. No matter which lens you choose, you will get 100% UVA and UVB protection. The Green shades provide the most precise and relaxed vision. The Grey shades offer true color perception, while the Brown shades give you improved contrast and image resolution. There is also the option of adding a polarized lens. You can tell the difference by the small "P" initial printed right on the lens. Polarization is great for blocking glare that bounces off horizontal surfaces - it reduces eye strain and is great for driving. For a truly distinctive look you can also go with gradient or mirrored coatings.

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Ray-Ban Wayfarers Eyewear & Shades
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