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Matching Eyeglasses to Outfits

When you first think about matching your eyeglass frames to your wardrobe, it seems easy, right? I usually wear red, so I'll get a red frame.

But stop a minute and think long-term about your eyeglass-wardrobe matchup. The steps below will guide you toward the best eyewear that will be in tune with your closet and your style.

Frame ColorsStep one: Step into your closet and survey your clothes.

At a glance, what is the color tone? Do you prefer bright primary colors, soft pastels, or muted earth tones?

This will give you a starting point when you browse for glasses online. FramesDirect.com even has a color selector in the left sidebar that will let you narrow down eyeglass choices by color alone.

Step two: What is your eyeglass personality?

Do you want your glasses to pop, to stand out as a wardrobe accessory?

Yves Saint Laurent YSL6382Then you should steer toward designer glasses such as Yves Saint Laurent's or the LaFont collection. Saint Laurent was the iconic French designer who made his trademark dark frames into a fashion trend. Far from hiding the fact that you are wearing glasses, his bold, oversized collection will make your frames a dramatic and attention-getting statement.Lafont Allure

Would you rather your frames recede, blending in with your face, so it's less a matter of your glasses matching your wardrobe than minimizing their appearance? Then look into Charmant's titanium eyeglasses or American Idol judge Randy Jackson's namesake collection.

Randy Jackson RJ 1006

These frames are mostly rimless, so there are no stark frame lines cutting across your face to draw extra attention to your glasses.

Step three: Ask yourself: Do I follow trends in fashion?

If you do follow the trends, you'll need eyeglass frames that will ride the waves of fashion with you. While green may be hot this year, next year's hue may be purple, or even houndstooth, so consider frames that will pair well with any color or pattern.

These clear Shuron Sidewinder frames look both hip and timeless.Clear Shuron Sidewinder

And you can't go wrong with a pair of classic black Ray-Bans. Ray-Ban RB5150

Color WheelStep four: Move out of the color box by turning your attention to the color wheel.

The color wheel, developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, is a circular, logical sequence of pure hues. It starts with the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) and expands to include their secondary and tertiary complementary and contrasting colors.

According to the color wheel, to achieve frame harmony with your outfit, you can choose either:

  1. Analogous colors, by picking colors on either side of your main color (for example: chartreuse and mustard are neighbors of yellow); or
  2. Complementary colors, by finding the color directly opposite your main wardrobe color on the wheel (for example: blue is the complementary color of orange).

The color wheel works as well for matching your eyeglass frames to your wardrobe as it does for designing a home. If you predominantly wear one color tone, say red, then look for analogous color frames, like these ochre Shuron frames.Shuron Freeway

Or, try frames in a complementary color, such as these turquoise Tory Burch specs.Tory Burch TY2025

You can also consult the color wheel when considering which frames will make your natural eye color pop.

Step five: What's the occasion?

Tom Ford's square frames look great with a classic tuxedo, a la Justin Timberlake.

Tom Ford FT5146,

And cat-eye glasses look oh-so Mad Men with a vintage cocktail dress.Vera Wang Harlequin

Step six: Don't forget about sunglasses.

Sunglasses come in a variety of hues that can match your outfit. The army-green tint of these Ray-Ban Aviators will pair nicely with clothes in the green-gray hue.Ray-Ban RB3025

But you'll want a warmer tint, like these amber Costa Wingmans, if you normally wear earth-toned outfits or golden jewelry.

Costa Wingwan


FramesDirect.com boasts a range of premium eyewear choices when you are trying to match your frames to your outfit. And who knows, finding your perfect eyeglasses may lead you to a new fashion style, or at least a fun temporary fling.

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