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The sports protective eyewear industry has grown in strides in the past years. Most protective sports sunglasses or goggles, while designed to protect and serve the specified sport, are also now designed for fashion and the ability to insert prescriptions into the lens. The top selling brands globally would be Oakley, Wiley X, Bolle, Sable Water Optics, Costa Del Mar and Maui Jim. There are other brands, but these are the best-selling globally.

Oakley is, by far, very technologically advanced. Just when you think that they have created a frame for every scenario, they amaze you with new advancements. Oakley is known for its High Definition Optics (HDO)and their lens impact protection and resistance. They take great pride in testing their lens and creating what has been known to be some of the world's best quality. They are known to conduct tests that include the of dropping a 1 pound weight or metal spike onto the lens from a distance of 4 feet, as well as shooting a projectile at 105 miles/hour to guarantee the impact protection and resistance of the lens.

Oakley has partnered with Lance Armstrong to promote the Oakley brand and has also made quite the impression on many other well-known athletes. Oakley frames are perfect for golfing, especially the G30 lens, which increase lens contrast to pull out the whiteness, making it easier to see the golf ball and where it goes. As for race car driving and motor sports, Oakley offers polarized lens that block the reflection of the sun and a high contrast lens, such as the VR28 and persimmon lens for cloudy days. Oakley's polarized lens reflect the surface glare off of the snow and water, which is perfect for snow boarding, skiing, surfing and wakeboarding.

If the customer is interested in eyewear for mountain biking or off-roading, then look no further, because the G40, persimmon, and lightly tinted lenses are offered to increase the contrast of road and outdoor conditions. Oakley has a specific customization that is offered so that customers can choose what frame color, lens color, lens technology, and emblem design they wish to have for certain frames.

Many Oakley sunglasses are now offered to have a prescription inserted directly into the lens, which again only enhances the usability and functionality of the frames. Prices for Oakley sunglasses can range in price from $90- $295, depending on what lens technology you choose. Of course, if you wish to have a prescription inserted into your sunglasses, the price may increase as well. Oakley goggles can range in price from $44- $105.

Wiley X AirRage protective sunglasses Wiley X frames can be for tactical use and are provided to our military for their safety. These tactical frames are built around the continuous feedback from the U.S. military and are constantly being upgraded and tested to be the best they can possibly be. They are bullet-tested and are ballistic. ANSI safety approval is based upon shooting a projectile into the lens at 120 feet/second to guarantee protection and resistance, whereas these ballistic and military safety approved frames are based upon shooting a projectile into the lens at 640 feet/second. Now that is what you call safety! The eyes of our service men and women are well protected if the are wearing Wiley X!

These tactical frames are also available to have a prescription inserted and are an average price of $100, not including a prescription.

Motorcycling is the other sport that is very commonly associated with Wiley X due to their Climate Control Series, which is equipped with a removable foam gasket that acts as a protective sealant around the eyes that blocks out the wind, dust and debris and keeps your eyes from welling up with tears as you ride. These motorcycling frames range in price from $80-$135. This price range is dependent upon whether or not you choose to get the transitional lenses, which changes with the outdoor light conditions.
Bolle Vigilante sunglasses
offers a selection of lenses for a variety of sports. If the consumer is looking for frames for the golf course, then Bolle has two lenses to offer. First there is the Eaglevision 2 lens, which is a cinnamon-colored lens, ideal for low light conditions and shows breaks in the green. The second is the Eaglevision 2 Dark, which is a darker lens, ideal for brighter days on the golf course and also shows breaks in the green.

For tennis, Bolle offers a Competivision lens, designed to mute out all colors except yellow, allowing you to have the upper-hand over your opponent.

Snowboarding and skiing are other major sports that have sport specific lens designed for them, called the Bolle 100 lens, which are a dark amber lens ideal for climbing to high altitudes and extremely bright light.

Lastly, Bolle promotes its use for the sport of Volleyball, with its extremely productive polarized lenses, endorsed by Olympic medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh (See Kerri in our Bolle Sunglasses video). Bolle frames can also be made to fit your prescription. Bolle sunglasses and Bolle goggles range in price from approximately $75-$100.

Sable Water Optics 101MT gogglesSable Water Optics are specifically designed for swimming and diving. How many swimming goggles can be made with a prescription inserted? Well, Sable has created this phenomenon and are endorsed my Olympic medalist, Gary Hall, Sr. They are made for the young and old and fit so snug that they eliminate the leakage of water into the eyes. They are known to protect your eyes from irritants and allergic reactions from water disinfectants, waterborne infections, and reduces pain caused by pressure changes. They were recently featured in the New York Times as the overall winner of outstanding swim goggles. They range in price between $46.50-$100(including prescription).

Costa Del Mar Reef Raider (RXable) sunglassesCosta Del Mar, where they "Encourage you to get out on the water and see what's out there" are specifically designed for water and outdoor sports. They were voted "Best in Show" at ICAST and are known for their 100% polarization, UVA and UVB protection. Each lens comes in either a Wave 400 or Wave 580 lens material, which is a premium lens that screens out yellow light, the hardest light for the eyes to process and reduces glare. These 580 lens also allow fisherman to see 3-4 feet further into the water and the clarity is unsurpassed. What is especially impressive is that the lenses are also made to repel water and the frame itself fits so perfect that you forget you have them on.

Costa Del Mar frames also offer the ability to have a prescription inserted directly into the lens. The prices for these frames, not including a prescription ranges from $119-$269, depending upon the frame material, lens material and spring hinge options you choose.

Maui Jim sunglasses are ideal for surfing, tennis, golf and fishing because of their patented polarization technology. They offer the natural grey, rose and HCL bronze lens in superthin glass, Maui Evolution and polycarbonate lens material. Each lens material only allows anywhere from 8%-16% light transmission in, dependent upon the material you choose.

Again, their polarization is specific to these sports because it blocks the glare of the sunlight. Maui Jim frames can also have a prescription inserted directly into the lens. These frames range in price from $149-$349, dependent upon the frame and lens material and the price may increase further if you choose to have your prescription inserted.

Rec Specs Fusion sports eyewearRec Specs goggles are perfectly made for sports such as basketball and racquet sports because they protect the eyes and have head straps available to secure the frame to the head. These are also available with our without a prescription inserted and range in price from $80-$120(not including prescription).

If consumers are interested in larger size sunglasses to fit head shapes and sizes that normal size sunglasses would not, specifically used for ultimate fighting (UFC), Fatheadz sunglasses are ideal. These sunglasses block 99.9% of polarized light and absorb 100% of all UV sunlight, as well as increase visual acuity and color contrast. Fatheadz range in price from $89.10-$148.

As you can see, there are a wide range of sport-specific eyewear that is out there and all are based on their lens technology and how the frames or goggles are constructed to fit the face. FramesDirect.com gets requests for these specific frames from all over the world and we do everything we can to serve our customers the best we can. We are known for our outstanding customer service, great prices and out standing quality of eyewear.

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