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bifocal sunglasses

Bifocal Sunglasses or Sunglass Readers?

Summer is the time for lounging by the pool, reading a summer blockbuster at the beach, or just hanging out in the back yard with a good book. But reading in the sun can bring problems. If you have perfect eyesight, there is still the glare to deal with at times. For many people, reading might require a pair of reading glasses, or perhaps your eyesight requires correction all the time. It is still possible to read in the sun, but a pair of prescription sunglasses might be necessary or even a pair of sunglass readers, providing the best of both worlds — clear vision and sun protection.

Bifocal Sunglasses

sunglass readers

People who need glasses to see clearly are accustomed to wearing either prescription sunglasses, clip-on shades, or sunglasses that fit over their regular glasses. But what if you have a complex vision problem that requires different prescriptions for distance and reading, and you still want to read outside in bright sunlight? The ability to read your bestselling novel, yet look up and clearly see the kids playing in the surf can be yours with bifocal sunglasses, which are exactly what they sound like — bifocal prescription glasses with a sunglass tint to protect against the sun’s brightness. Don’t forget to add UV protection and polarization for best performance and to protect your eye health.

Sunglass Readers

These are best for people who really don’t need glasses to get through daily life, but always keep a pair of reading glasses, or “cheaters” nearby for reading small writing and other fine print. The same magnification applies, so pick up those 1.5X or 2.0X sunglasses. Enjoying that paperback stashed in your beach bag will likely call for your reading glasses, and adding sun protection will make your beach reading more enjoyable. With reading sunglass, like other sunglasses, consider adding polarization and UV protection for your health and comfort.

Reading Sunglasses

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