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Eyeglasses Sizing Guide

What is Your Frame Size?

The secret to ordering a perfectly fitting pair of eyeglasses online is simple: know your frame size.

You need your prescription glasses to fit flawlessly. Thankfully, it's easy to find your frame size on your current pair of frames.

Sunglasses tend to be larger than eyeglasses, so your sunglasses size will most likely be different than your eyeglasses size. With sunglasses, you have more freedom to choose within a wider range of sizes, since the fit does not need to be as precise.

Find your size on your current frames:

Every pair of glasses is a little different, so the size information may not always be located in the same place.

Look on the inside of your current frames. You will find the size information stamped either on the temple, like this example:

Show Me How to Find My Size

Or on the bridge, like on this metal example:

find glasses Size

or like on this plastic nose bridge:

how to glasses size

On some models, you may also find the size stamped on the ear piece.

What to look for:

There can be quite a few different kinds of numbers and markings inside your frame, and not all of them are relevant to the size.

The eye size and bridge size are often located next to one another, sometimes separated by a square box icon. The temple size may immediately follow those two sets of numbers, or have some other info in between.

You are looking for (2) two-digit numbers and one three-digit number. Here's how to identify them:

Eye Size: a two-digit number in the 40 - 62 range

Bridge Size: a two-digit number in the 14 - 24 range

Temple size: a three-digit number in the 120 - 150 range

The eye size is the most important number to pay attention to. Depending on the style of frames you choose, you can go up or down by one and still find a decent fit.

What you can ignore:

A set of capital letters and numbers grouped together is generally the model number or the frame color/style number(s). In the image above, "VPR 020" is the frame model number while "EAJ-101" is the color/style number.

View The Frame Size Guide Infographic

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