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John Lennon, Elton John, Janis Joplin, and many more artists over time have rocked the Round Eyewear look. Originally round eyeglasses and circle sunglasses were for academics and professionals, but in the 1970s, artists began wearing them in a variety of tints and colors to express their personal style. Today, Round Eyeglasses and Sunglasses are a staple of the festival-style scene. Here are some of our favorite brands that sell Round Eyewear!

Some of our favorite, specialty brands are John Lennon Eyewear and Savile Row Eyewear. John Lennon Eyewear sells round eyeglasses that are inspired by the legend himself. They are available in a variety of tints that mimic the same styles that the former Beatle wore. John Lennon Eyewear features John Lennon's signature on the case for authenticity. Savile Row is known for making eyewear with 18Kt gold rolled into the frame. Its style can be seen on Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter glasses, and Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. Savile Row has been creating eyewear since the 1890s, and are famous for the beautiful detailing in their eyeglasses.

In the 1970s, Round Eyewear was smaller and more lightweight. Today, well known brands like Ray-Ban and Persol, have created Round Sunglasses that are bigger, and made of acetate. Prada has even begun selling over-sized, fashion forward circular sunglasses in different colors.

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