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The virtual reality biz is exploding, and it’s been a long time coming. Before ‘Virtual Reality’ even had a name, humans explored the possibilities of immersive virtual worlds. From short stories in the 1930s to the earliest simulation headsets in the 1960s, we’ve got decades of attempts behind us—and we’ve entered an age of truly immersive virtual reality. Oculus Go makes VR more accessible to everyone—including people who need corrective lenses. We’re happy to announce VirtuClear prescription lenses, which easily pop into the Oculus Go headset, so you can hop on the VR bandwagon—without blurry vision or headset fit issues.

What is Oculus Go?

Oculus Go is the latest release from Oculus, makers of the Oculus Rift. This VR-offering has an incredibly low price point of $199 for the 32GB version.

The best part of this headset? No wires. There’s no need to be plugged into—or even own—a gaming computer, and you don’t need a high-end smartphone to stand in as the screen. After setup, this standalone VR headset has everything you need—optics, speakers, and computer—to game, explore, and interact with people in virtual reality. A song made famous by a certain wooden-puppet-turned-real-boy is going through our heads right now…

Why use prescription lens inserts with Oculus Go?

You can bring your virtual world into focus with comfortable RX lens inserts made specifically for the Oculus Go. VirtuClear prescription lenses—currently available for prescriptions that fall within sphere 0 to -8.0 and cylinder 0 to -2.0—feature an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare for in-game comfort so you can get more out of your immersive VR experience. 

How do you put prescription lenses into an Oculus Go headset?

In just a few quick steps, you can add VR-ready prescription lenses to your Oculus Go.

  1. Remove the plastic retaining rings from the headset.

  2. Remove the fabric facial interface.

  3. Insert the glasses spacer included with your Oculus Go headset.

  4. Reinstall the facial interface.

  5. Insert the VirtuClear Lens Inserts in place of the plastic retaining rings.

Because switching out the RX lenses is so easy, your friends can use your headset as well. Just remove the lenses and glasses spacer from the headset, and store your lenses in the included carrying case for safekeeping. If another user has their own prescription VirtuClear lenses, they can insert them into the headset using the glasses spacer. If not, replace the plastic retaining rings and dive in.

How do you order prescription VR lenses?

FramesDirect.com is the only place you can get VirtuClear VR lenses designed to work exclusively for Oculus Go. To order, you’ll need your prescription information from your eye doctor, as well as your pupillary distance (PD) measurement. Processing takes less than two weeks, then your prescription VR lenses will be shipped to you. Need help placing your order? We have dedicated customer service members to help with VR  prescription lens questions. You can reach them at 1-866-592-9499.

Enjoy the immersive experience of the Oculus Go with VirtuClear RX lenses. You can have a crisp virtual reality experience, even if you need corrective lenses. Get glare-free, glasses-free, blur-free comfort for virtual reality with VirtuClear lenses from FramesDirect.

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