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At the start of a new year many people receive refreshed funds in their health spending accounts. This leads to one of the more common questions we get asked at FramesDirect.com…

"Are Sunglasses covered by FSA / HSA?"

The short answer is YES, as long as they are prescription sunglasses.

Any type of prescription glasses (from everyday eyeglasses to sports goggles, scuba masks, and safety goggles) are covered as long as they are made with your prescription and their purpose is to improve your vision.

You could argue that non-prescription sunglasses DO improve your vision, as well. This is true, but you would need a note from your doctor prescribing them in order for non-prescription sunglasses to be covered under FSA/HSA.

Apart from "over-the-counter" sunglasses, mostly any eye care expense that benefits your vision and eye health is covered. Eye exams, contact lenses, and contact lens solutions are all reimbursable.

A few other things you may not realize are also covered: reading glasses, glasses and contact lens cases, and eyeglass repair kits. Vision surgery is also reimbursable if you have proof from your doctor that the procedure is to promote or restore the correct function of the eye.

Some eye and vision related items that (unfortunately) are not eligible expenses under FSA and HSA guidelines are insurance premiums and warranties, and color contact lenses (that don't improve vision acuity.)

You can learn more about using Flex Spending Dollars and Health Spending Account debit cards to buy glasses here. And keep in mind, the expert opticians at FramesDirect.com have years of experience assisting customers to use Flex Spending and Health Spending accounts to pay for their eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses, so feel free contact us with any questions. (Or just start shopping for prescription sunglasses and feel great about your health and your style.)



ADP Spending Accounts Eligible Expense Guide



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