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Oakley has been at the forefront of innovative eyewear design since 1984 and they just keep getting better. Not happy with the available options for sports-specific sunglasses, Oakley set out on a 15-year research and development project to create the groundbreaking Prizm lens—a performance lens that beats even our wildest dreams. Using hyperspectral imaging, Oakley examined spectral peaks in every possible light and weather condition, across the terrains we love to tackle. Snow, ice, water, dirt, and pavement—no surface was ignored. After examining the data collected by the hyperspectral cameras, Oakley’s team got down to business creating Prizm lenses tailored to specific situations, including fishing, cycling, baseball, and golf. So, what are Prizm lenses? Instead of just blocking light and making everything harder to see, Oakley Prizm lenses boost your vision so you can see even more detail—you won’t miss a thing. The result is fine-tuned vision and richer color for any activity or environment.

How are Oakley lenses different from your everyday contrast, or tinted sunglasses, lenses? In addition to shading your eyes from the sun and blocking UV rays, these innovative lenses target individual wavelengths of color and refine them. They enhance the world around you to provide better visual acuity—filtering out the bad light that washes out or hinders vision, and amping up the good light to improve contrast and decrease eye fatigue. Light transmission percentages based on common conditions—overcast, sunny, or extra-bright light—help provide even better vision. Better yet, some Oakley models allow you to switch up your shades with interchangeable Prizm lenses. Now that we’ve looked at the basics of how Prizm lenses work, let’s check out how to pick the best lens for your sport or activity of choice.

What are Oakley Prizm lenses made of?

Specially chosen dye is mixed with plutonite—Oakley’s patented polycarbonate material—then sent through an extruder to molecularly bond the materials. Then, the lens material is injection-molded to create the lenses. The lenses include a smudge-proof coating and anti-fog and scratch-resistance treatments.

Are Oakley Prizm lenses polarized?

Some Oakley Prizm lenses are polarized, meaning they include a filter to block glare from reflected light. Prizm lenses don’t mean polarized—it’s an entirely different lens technology. Where polarized lenses block glare from reflected light, Prizm lenses are made to amplify what you’re seeing for a better visual experience.

What other options are available for Prizm lenses?

Oakley sunglasses with Prizm lenses come with a variety of options to best suit your sport of choice. Want mirrored lenses to shun more sunlight? Reach for a style with iridium lenses—the special metal oxide coating reduces glare, light transmission, and reflection for a better visual experience in high-light environments. You can select the lens with the appropriate Visible Light Transmission (VTL) for the conditions you expect to encounter. Oakley Prizm sunglasses are also available in prescription lenses.

How to Choose an Oakley Prizm Lens by Activity

If you’re looking for everyday, all-purpose sunglasses, Oakley has you covered with Prizm Daily lenses. Daily is ideal for everyday use, driving, or running. This all-around lens provides more contrast, produces more vibrant colors, and offers UV protection. Prizm Daily goes where you do—find it in an everyday frame that suits your personal style. Before you grab just any pair of Oakleys for your hobbies, make sure the Prizm lens you’re reaching for is the perfect one for your sport of choice. After all, Oakley didn’t put all that work into developing the Prizm lens for a one-lens-fits-all endgame. So, which Oakley Prizm lens should you choose?


Make your way to the course in lenses made to improve contrast so you can read the green better. Oakley Prizm golf lenses make it easier to gauge distance, grass conditions, and ball speed. Many prefer Prizm Dark Golf for extra-bright conditions, while others are happy with the light transmission of the Prizm Golf lenses.


Days on the diamond just got easier on your eyes—Prizm Field enhances contrast to make the baseball stand out against the blue sky or green grass. Choose between lenses tailored for infield or outfield for the ideal contrast to spot every pop fly. Oakley Radar EV Pitch sunglasses are ready for fly balls and batting practice.


Mountain bikers are in and out of the shade, heading over roots and gravel, and need to keep an eye out for subtle transitions in dirt conditions. Prizm Trail lenses are built to take on these challenges. This lens enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot hazards on the trail. Get out there and shred in Oakley’s Flight Jacket Prizm Trail sunglasses.


Take to the road—on foot, on a bike, or behind the wheel—in Oakley’s Prizm lenses engineered to enhance your vision on the go. This lens enhances vision in both bright light and shadows, so you can spot changes in the texture of the road surfaces. They’re fantastic for running or driving, but these sunglasses really excel when used for cycling. Get more clarity in the fast-paced world of road biking wearing Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses in Oakley Prizm Road lenses.

Deep Water Polarized & Shallow Water Polarized

Oakley has created the perfect lenses for watersports with their targeted Deep and Shallow Water Prizm lenses. The Deep Water Polarized lenses filter out specific shades of blue and boost greens and reds so you can see what’s going on under the surface of the water, while the Shallow Water Polarized lenses use Prizm technology to enhance your experience and help you spot more fish streamside. Oakley Triggerman sunglasses with Prizm Deep Water lenses have you ready to peer into the depths, or choose Prizm Shallow Water so you can catch every flash under the surface.


If you ski or ride, grab the Oakley goggles made for the slopes—Prizm Snow lenses increase contrast and bring out even the most subtle details in the snow’s contours. Easily interpret the texture of the slope ahead on extra bright days or when it’s overcast with Prizm lenses available in sapphire, jade, rose, pink, or black to manage every possible light condition while shredding. Go mid-range with Prizm Sapphire, or get a pair on either end of the spectrum so you’re always prepared.

Oakley Prizm sunglasses are built not only to perform, but to excel at improving your vision in any conditions. While you could use the same pair of sunglasses across the board, these sunglasses give you the opportunity to boost your performance with better vision. Pick out the minute details and make split-second decisions no matter the sport. Add on the features that matter most to you: polarized lenses, mirrored coatings, prescription, and more. Over 15 years of research went into the development of these outstanding lenses, so you can reap the benefits on the field. Or road. Or summit. Take Oakley Prizm lenses wherever you play and you’ll see the difference.

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