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Colored Contacts: Prescription Color Change Contact Lenses

Colored Contacts

So you're considering changing your eye color with colored contact lenses. What better way to profoundly enhance your look with relatively little effort. You can go vibrant, subtle or anywhere in between. From a dramatic Elizabeth Taylor style violet to a classic warm chocolate brown, changing your eye color can open up a world of new possibilities for hair and make-up palettes. Hazel, green, blue, and grey are just a few of the enticing options to explore.

What if you're ready to start experimenting with colored contact lenses but you're not sure which shade will suit you? Does your complexion have warm (yellow) or cool (blue) undertones? For a more natural appearance, consider the color tones of your hair and skin and choose a complementary shade for your eyes. How opaque would you like the pigmentation of the lens to be? In other words, would you like your natural eye color to show through a lightly tinted lens or be completely covered by an opaque lens. If your natural eye color is very dark you may need an opaque lens to effectively change the color of your eye. You can also use photo editing software or smart phone apps to alter photos of yourself and see how you might look with different eye colors.

Modern contact lens technology has made it not only easy and fairly inexpensive to temporarily change your eye color, but also safe for your vision long term. With colored contact lenses from the established brands on FramesDirect.com, your eyes will feel comfortable and remain fully oxygenated all day.

So, where can I buy colored contacts? FramesDirect.com carries the most popular brands of colored contact lenses. If you are looking for prescription colored contacts, colored contacts for astigmatism, or any other kind of prescription, you've come to the right place. The Air Optix Colors line offers a vast array of choices, as do FreshLook ColorBlends and the range from Acuvue. Even if you think you've already settled on a particular brand and a fresh new hue, it doesn't hurt to do some research and consult with your eye doctor for specific recommendations.

Remember, when you buy colored contacts online, you still need to have a prescription, even if the contact lenses are purely to enhance your look for the sake of fashion. In addition to choosing a new shade for your eyes, you can also choose whether you prefer daily disposables, monthly or longer term lenses. So check in with your eye doctor to get your prescription and any advice they may have, then let your creativity flow while choosing a new image for yourself from the rainbow of eye colors out there.

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