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FramesDirect.com and Costa:
A Perfect Match

As an authorized online dealer, we carry authentic prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses from Costa. Our expertise and Costa’s dedication to engineering impressive performance eyewear technology is an unbeatable combination. Whether you spend your time on the water, sand, or dry land, we carry best-selling Costa eyewear designed for incredible performance.

Based on their history of success in creating some of the most well-known sunglasses in the world, it was inevitable that Costa offers performance prescription sunglasses. A focus on rugged, adventure-ready frames that exceed quality standards and technologically advanced prescription lenses that offer the same performance you’ve come to expect from their patented, color-enhancing 580 lenses.

The Costa Optical frame collection is ideal for outdoors enthusiasts who require eyewear that can stand up to wild adventures, but still look great through the nine-to-five. Our certified opticians understand the importance of accuracy, so your Costa eyeglasses undergo a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure you’re getting the right prescription lenses for excellent, crisp vision.

Born on the Water: About Costa

Among the most recommended in performance eyewear is Costa, formerly Costa Del Mar. “Born on the water” in 1983, Costa was created by a group of fishermen who wanted better protection from the sun’s glare. To reach their goal, they patented color-enhancing lens technologies that made Costa sunglasses a sought-after necessity for anglers and water enthusiasts. Now, their lightweight, tough glass and impact and scratch-resistant plastic sunglasses lenses are favored for clarity, 99.9% polarized efficiency, and enhancing performance on the water or off it. Seven lens colors and multiple lens technologies—tailored for a variety of light transmission levels from low light to extremely bright light and blinding glare—let you choose the best lens color for your favorite pursuits. Costa has earned the privilege to boast, their incredible sunglasses are engineered for quality and precision on the water or off.

About Costa!

Protecting the Watery World, One Pair at a Time

Costa’s mission—“Protect, Explore, and Perform”—is put into action through socially and environmentally conscious business practices and ambitions. With a goal to reduce plastic pollution that is filling our landfills and waterways, Costa launched their “Kick Plastic” campaign, and as part of that initiative, they’ve instituted processes that utilize bio-based resin in nylon frames, produced with castor oil to reduce their carbon footprint. In the same vein, they aim to tackle the immense problem of ocean plastic pollution through their “Untangle Our Oceans” initiative, which repurposes discarded fishing nets to create rugged Costa eyewear. To learn more, check out Inside Costa.

Celebrating 35 Years
Kick Plastic
Untangle our Oceans


Costa urges everyone to #SeeWhatsOutThere—to ambitiously go out and explore our phenomenal planet. They’ve created outstanding performance sunglasses for devoted adventurers to make the most of that invitation. Discover the perfect Costa eyewear—sunglasses, RX sunglasses, and prescription eyeglasses—to begin your journey.

See whats out there!
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