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best costa lens color

Costa Lens Colors and Technology

Costa sunglasses were invented in 1983 by fishermen. Made to endure the harsh conditions of a salty. sea environment, Costa has become known as THE brand for people who spend a lot of time on or near the water. Costa lenses protect you from the harshest glare of full sunlight and are safe from the ravages of salt water. The Costa del Mar brand has invested tons of resources into innovating lens technology, so much so that their range of 580 lenses have become legendary.

Glass or Polycarbonate

Costa makes 2 grades of lenses, the 400 and the 580. Each type is available in glass or polycarbonate – and you can tell which one is which by the G or P after the number. All Costa lenses are 100% polarized and have 100% UV A/B/C protection. 400 lenses are the original lens that put Costa on the map for providing superior clarity. 580 lenses were the next generation when Costa created a patented technology that enhances colors by blocking almost all yellow light. Yellow light can be harsh on the eyes, and eliminating it boosts green and red shades. 580s also eradicate haze by blocking blue light. With the 580 lens you will get the best definition, color saturation and the sharpest contrast.

The 580G (glass) will give you the greatest clarity and scratch-resistance of just about any lens out there. Costa calls this glass lens technology LightWave™ and its 22% lighter and 20% thinner than the average polarized glass. The benefits of polycarbonate lenses are that they are more lightweight, impact resistant, and durable.

c-wall technology

At-a-glance benefits of each:


  • Greatest clarity
  • Most scratch resistance
  • Polycarbonate

  • More lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • More durable
  • C-Wall™ technology

    C-Wall™ is what we would traditionally call a coating, but in the case of Costa lenses, the different components are baked into the lens chemically. C-Wall™ is not glued or sprayed on; it’s under the surface of the lens. The layers are molecularly bonded providing a smudge-free, oil resistant barrier, which also repels water, sweat, and dust. If you choose to get prescription lenses, or a mirror finish – those are baked in as well.

    Lens Color Selection

    Costa offers seven specialized lens tints that were created to function optimally depending on light conditions. This is especially important for fishing, where the peak times of day are often dawn or dusk. There is a big difference in light levels between fishing out on open water in the ocean, for example, and fishing inshore in a stream.

    Great all-around lens colors are Copper and Gray. These lens colors are perfect for driving, playing sports, and fishing in variable light. Gray Silver Mirror would also be a good choice, especially if you’re into fresh water or sight fishing.

    Green Mirror is your go-to for fishing inshore, on flats, or in rivers or streams. For the brightest, full sun on open water, Blue Mirror will offer you the best protection. And you’ve heard about the early bird getting the worm? Well that bird should definitely choose the Sunrise Silver Mirror lens. You will not get better depth perception at dawn or dusk than with this functional lens color.

    1. Blue Mirror

    Best for bright, full-sun situations on the open water and offshore. Gray Base with 10% light transmission. Great for boating and fishing in deep water, or on open reflective water with harsh sun.

    2. Green Mirror

    Ensures enhanced vision and contrast for fishing inshore and on flats. Copper Base with 10% light transmission. Number one for sight fishing in full sun. Creates high contrast.

    3. Gray Silver Mirror

    A good everyday choice for activities on the water and land. Gray base with 10% light transmission. Perfect for everyday activities. Includes anti-fatigue properties. Great for overcast days. Will reduce glare, especially off water.

    4. Copper Silver Mirror

    Well-suited for stream fishing and other environments with varying light. Copper base with 12% light transmission. Excellent for sight fishing and everday activities. Most versatile lens, even on cloudy days

    5. Gray

    A good everyday choice for all-around activities on the water and land. 12% light transmission with natural contrast.

    6. Copper

    Cuts glare for eye comfort in a variety of situations, from sight fishing to driving. 12% light transmission. Excellent for sight fishing and everyday activities. Very versatile, even on cloudy days

    7. Sunrise Silver Mirror

    Extended wear lens. The perfect tool for dusk and dawn performance. 30% light transmission. Perfect for activities during sunrise/sunset. Experience heightened contrast in low light/overcast conditions.

    Prescription Lenses from Costa

    You can order high-tech Costa sunglasses with lenses in your prescription, as well. If you have a single vision (not bi-focals) prescription and want a normal lens shape the full range, including both types of 580s, is available to you. However, if you want a wrapped “sports” style lens you will need to order the 400P Rx lens, which comes equipped with Costa’s Waypoint™ technology. Especially designed for the outdoors and sporting environments, Waypoint reduces the peripheral disruption you would get if you tried to put a lesser quality Rx lens in wrapped sunglasses

    Costa C-Scape Progressives

    Whether you are a traditional bi-focal user, or have already become accustomed to progressive technology, Costa has invented a state-of –the-art option for you. With enhanced distance vision that provides views across the entire lens, you will experience remarkable clarity at all distances. C-Scape™ drastically reduces peripheral blurring helping the customer to adjust immediately. C-scape™ is also only available in the 400p Rx.

    costa c-scape

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