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What Are Progressive Lenses

Progressive No-Line Lenses

What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses offer no-line, multi-focal viewing zones for the most convenient vision correction. If you are over 40 and having difficulty with your vision, chances are you are experiencing presbyopia, the common gradual loss of near vision. But there is good news: you have more choices today than ever before. You don't have to carry a separate pair of glasses for reading or wear lined bifocal lenses like your parents did. Now, you can have no line bifocal reading glasses.

Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance vision through intermediate vision to near vision, and they supply all the in-between corrections as well. This means that instead of having just two different viewing zones (near and distant), like with bifocals, progressive lenses have progressive powers of correction (from bottom to top), easing eye strain and providing he most natural vision correction.

The First Online Retailer to Offer Progressive Lenses

We started offering progressive lenses in 1999 and have filled thousands of 100% accurate prescriptions. Dr. Guy Hodgson, co-founder of FramesDirect.com, has developed a proprietary mathematical method of determining the optimal position of the reading (or seg height) of a progressive no-line bifocal without the need for visiting the doctor's office. In fact, Dr. Hodgson's virtual measurement tool gets even better results than an in-person measurement. FramesDirect.com is the only online eyewear retailer that can determine the perfect height for the progressive lens.

We Only Use The Finest Digital Progressive Lenses from Essilor

As a company founded by doctors, FramesDirect.com sells nothing but the absolute best lenses available on the market today. The Essilor digital progressive lens delivers effortless vision in a full back-sided, digitally surfaced lens design. Other key features of the lens include:

  • Custom-made, designed specifically for your prescription.
  • Visual Acuity Booster reduces eye strain, utilizing the entire lens for quick adaptation.
  • Digital Back-Side Optics Equalizer enables wider field of vision.
  • Premium anti-glare, durable scratch-resistant, and 100% UV protective coatings included.

Adjusting To Progressive Lenses

If you're new to progressive lenses, you may need a little time to get used to them. No-line bifocals will slightly alter your peripheral vision due to power changes that occur at the edges of the lenses. This initial difference in your peripheral vision will probably require some slight changes in horizontal head and eye movements. Sensitivity to this area of the lens will diminish with time as you become more accustomed to your new lenses.

These guidelines will help you adjust to your progressive lenses more quickly and comfortably:

  • Stop wearing your old glasses immediately.
  • Wear your new glasses non-stop throughout the day.
  • Wear your new glasses high on the bridge of your nose and as close to your face as possible.

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