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Ray-Ban Sunglasses Lenses: Model is wearing RB2140.

Ray-Ban Lenses for Sunglasses

Ray-Ban make some of the most popular and recognizable sunglasses in the world. Their popularity stems from the fact that Ray-Ban's products sit comfortably at the intersection of form and function. While they are known for their iconic frame shapes, the technology that goes into the lenses cannot be discounted. Ray-Ban stays on top not only by looking cool but also by creating a highly functional pair of sunglasses that protect the eyes and provide crisp clear vision. There are seemingly countless variations of lens and frame to choose from. Whether you're looking for a high fashion colored or mirrored lenses or love the classic green Ray-Ban G-15's, there is a pair to suit you.

Crystal vs. Plastic

Clarity, Comfort, & Durability

Whether you choose Crystal (Glass) lenses or Plastic lenses, Ray-Ban makes a guarantee of clear vision, comfort, 100% UVA/UVB protection, and durability. You can get your choice of lens coating and color in either material. There are a few additional benefits when you choose Crystal lenses; they will provide the greatest clarity and the best homogeneity. This means that the pure optical glass is completely consistent across the lens for a true optical surface - free from blemishes. Crystal lenses are also scratch-resistant.

Ray-Ban Plastic lenses (also called Polycarbonate) also provide superb vision and have the benefit of being much lighter and more comfortable than glass. Plastic lenses are also better for playing sports, because they are impact resistant (exceeding FDA regulations.) Both types of lenses absorb the correct amount of blue light, striking the right balance for visual comfort (too much blue light fatigues the eyes and causes damage over time) while still allowing you to see every color in the spectrum

Lens Colors and Optical Properties

The color of lens you choose will determine how much, and what type of light is being filtered out from reaching your eye. The classic green and brown shades will give you the most protection. Lean towards green for more precise vision, which results in more relaxed feeling eyes. Choose brown for the highest level of contrast and image resolution. A grey color will improve your color perception. As you can see from the table below, the Special and Gradient options let in more visible light.

Visble Light Transmission Blue Light Transmission Filter Category
Green Lens G-15 15% 9% 3
Brown Lens B-15 15% 4% 3
Gradient 20% 10% 2
Mirror/Special 34% 33% 2

Solid, Gradient, & Special Lenses

Below is a handy pyramid which breaks down the different categories of Ray-Ban sunglass lenses. The classic Solid range was originally developed in 1937 for high altitude army pilots. There are seven color variations. Choose from the green family for natural vision and brown for greater contrast in low light. The iconic Ray-Ban lenses in the traditional colors that Ray-Ban built its name on can be found in the Solid category.

Gradient lenses are the next layer of the pyramid. Ray-Ban has developed advanced production methods for ensuring a smooth gradient on Crystal and Plastic lenses. Plastic lenses are treated with a slow and precise chemical immersion, while the Crystal lenses are tinted on the back side using a patented high vacuum process. Choose from simple gradient, bi-gradient (where two colors are mixed), or mirror gradient. There are 22 color variations in this category.

The Special category of lenses include mirrored lenses and seasonal and limited edition colors that Ray-Ban releases from time to time. Reflective mirrored coatings make a bold fashion statement while reducing light transmission. The mirror coating, made from metal oxides, is fused to the lens at a molecular level, so you never have to worry about peeling or loss of integrity or uniformity across the lens.

ray-ban lens pyramid

Polarization & Anti-reflection Coating

Ray-Ban also offers polarized lenses, which are immediately recognizable by the "P" next to the distinctive Ray-Ban signature on the right lens of every pair. (Please note that you will not see Ray-Ban signatures or symbols on prescription lenses.) Polarization is great for blocking glare and eliminating annoying reflections. Polarized sunglasses reduce eyestrain and squinting, leaving your eyes feeling more rested and relaxed. The increase in contrast with a polarized lens results in more visual sharpness and accurate perception. On the Crystal lenses, the polarizing filter is sealed in between 2 layers of glass. On the polycarbonate, or Plastic lens, the polarizing filter is fused with the lens material. All polarized lenses from Ray-Ban come with the additional benefit of anti-reflective coating on the back side of the lens, which guarantees that less than 1% of reflected light will reach your eye.

Prescription Sunglasses

Don't forget that you can customize your Ray-Ban sunglasses with your prescription. Contact one of our experienced opticians if you have any questions about Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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