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VirtuClear Lens Inserts

VR Prescription Lenses For Oculus Go

$ 79.99

High Quality Lenses for a Premium VR Experience
Available in 1.60 Hi Index Essilor lenses with anti-reflective coating. Reduce glare so you can focus on the awe-inspiring visuals of the Oculus Go.
Only Available From FramesDirect.com

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Please note: VirtuClear Lens Inserts are single vision lenses and available for prescriptions in the following ranges only: SPH: 0 to -8.0 | CYL: 0 to -2.0

We'll request a valid prescription once your order is placed.

Questions? Call us at 1-866-592-9499.

Get clear vision
inside Oculus Go

Lenses snap in and out of
the device in seconds flat

Watch the video

Step by Step

  1. Remove the plastic retaining rings from the headset
  2. Remove the fabric facial interface
  3. Insert the glasses spacer included with your Oculus Go headset
  4. Reinstall the facial interface
  5. Insert the VirtuClear Lens Inserts in place of the plastic retaining rings
VR Prescription Lenses for Oculus Go

VR Meets RX

Experience every detail of the virtual world with stunning clarity. Don't settle for blurry visuals.
VirtuClear Lens Inserts for Oculus Go make the immersive VR world more accessible than ever.

VirtuClear Lens Inserts
Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my order?

You will receive prescription lenses in lens inserts, an insert carrying case, and a cleaning cloth.

The VR headset is not included.

What do I need to complete my order?
You'll need to provide a copy of a valid prescription from your doctor's office along with a PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement. We will request this once you've placed the order.
What is the prescription range?

Lens Inserts are only available for prescriptions in the following ranges:

SPH: 0 to -8.0 | CYL: 0 to -2.0

I don't have a PD measurement

The PD (Pupillary Distance) measurement is used to properly center your prescription in the lens for optimal clarity.

Contact your optometrist or use our PD Capture technology to measure it for you. See details.

How do I identify the right & left eye insert?
Lens inserts come with "R" and "L" markings on the side to ensure they don't get mixed up.
How long will it take?

Upon receiving your order, we will confirm your prescription and begin processing which takes 7 to 10 business days.

Shipping time is based on the shipping method selected at checkout. See details.

Log into your account and click on Order History to check your order status.


VirtuClear Lens Inserts for Oculus Go are warrantied for replacement only, no refunds. All items need to obtain Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) before being returned.

Please log into your account to obtain RMA or request one through our Contact Us form.

Read our return policy.

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