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Top Animal Print Eyeglasses

Animal prints never go out of style A forever fashion staple, you can look at classic animal prints, like leopard, as a neutral - which is why they work so well as glasses frames. If you aren’t a fashion risk taker, zebra prints, cheetah prints, and tiger prints can be overwhelming. But remember, bold is beautiful! We suggest letting go of your inhibitions and embracing (at least one) pair from our top countdown of gorgeous frames that will tap into your animal instinct.

Prada PR16RV Voice

This is the perfect way to do leopard print if you’re unsure of how to choose coordinating colors yourself. Prada has done the matching for you! We love the muted, cream, almost transparent frame front.The solid, subtle colors of the temples make these glasses the perfect funky, yet professional pair.

Private Eyes Readers Tigerlilly

Snake skin can be intimidating to try and coordinate, but these Private Eyes Readers have an easy to wear color scheme featuring earthy tones. This pair of eyeglasses would go well with many different colors, and are still sleek and modern looking with the metal frame style.

Jill Stuart JS298/S

Here is an example of a classy tiger print. Jill Stuart has created these adorable, modern frames. The animal print itself is understated and accentuated with a small, silver embellishments on the temples. The feminine oval shape will make you say “rawr”.

LaFont Melisse Eyeglasses

These are exactly the kind of frames that a connoisseur of animal prints would pick. These frames that are for those willing to step out on a fashion limb. Funky, purple leopard print (the are also available in yellow, leopard print) will always make a fashion statement. The cat-eye shape flatters a majority of face shapes, and the brow line will make you like fierce!

Givenchy VGV742

Givenchy, those French designers again, manage to pull off a more in your face version of leopard print with a classy twist. The animal print is almost hidden, and not overstated. These animal print frames are a bit over the top, but in the best way possible. The white is what makes this frame so eye catching, not the animal print! Who knew an animal print could be used so well as an accent?

Lafont Majeste

So can we all agree that these frames are the best thing ever? They have built in eyelashes over the leopard print! The French brand Lafont takes all the credit for these beautiful and original frames. These frames are not for the faint hearted, but they are guaranteed to get you some compliments. The tortoise pattern is muted and accented with beige and yellow colors making them almost transparent. The real eye catcher of these frames is not the animal print, but the pseudo-eyelash design that frames the top of the rims. These frames give you the cat-eye, eyeliner look with or without makeup.

Police V1893M

We think that these are classiest animal print frames by far. These Police brand frames are made up of warm colors, would look great on any skin tone, and the animal print that lines the top of the frame serves as understated accent. The animal print could even be mistaken for another pattern. These frames are slim and would fit any face. They also are available in purple and red, so you can play up your favorite colors depending on the season.

Lafont Brand Spotlight

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