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InSpatialRx Prescription Insert

Prescription Insert for Magic Leap One

See otherworldly experiences more clearly with a Prescription Insert for your Magic Leap One.

$ 249.00

Select the size of your Magic Leap One ?
Indicating the correct size of your Magic Leap One is important. Prescription Inserts have matching sizes that are not interchangeable. See details.

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A little heads up – lenses are available for single vision only and prescriptions with total power in the following range: SPH -7.5 to 0 | CYL: -4 to 0 | Total Power (SPH + CYL): -7.5 to 0.
A valid prescription will be requested once your order is placed. If you have any questions, call us at 1-866-837-5130.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the magnetic Standard Insert that comes with your Magic Leap One by pulling it straight out.
    TIP: It may be easier to remove the forehead pad and nose pad first.
  2. Once the Standard Insert is removed, you can simply snap the Prescription Insert into place.
  3. Enter your prescription on your Magic Leap One in Settings > Device > Calibration. You'll need to do this each time you put in a new Prescription Insert or put the Standard Insert back.
Magic Leap One Device Illustration
InSpatialRx Prescription Insert for Magic Leap One

Unreal Experiences

Our Prescription Insert enhances your Magic Leap experience by giving you a seamless fit for optimal clarity, customized just for you.

What's in the Box

  1. Prescription Insert
  2. Storage Box
  3. Quick Start Guide
What's included with the InSpatialRx Prescription Insert package for Magic Leap One

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing your Magic Leap One with friends/family

If you are sharing a Magic Leap One then it's important to know that, the Lightwear comes in two sizes. The Lightwear size depends on your pupillary distance (PD). Please make sure you are using correct size for you before ordering a Prescription Insert.

Prescription range supported

Prescription Inserts are only available for prescriptions in the following range: SPH -7.5 to 0 | CYL: -4 to 0 | Total Power (SPH + CYL): -7.5 to 0.

What do I need to place my order?

A copy of valid prescription from your doctor's office and PD (Pupil Distance) measurement.

Where do I find my PD measurement?

Contact your optometrist or use our PD Capture technology to measure it for you. See details.

What's included in my order?
Your Prescription Insert, insert storage case, and Quick Start Guide.
Order processing time

Upon receiving your order, we will confirm your prescription and begin processing your order.

7 to 10 business days of processing time and shipping time is based on the shipping method selected. See details.


All orders need to obtain RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) before being returned.

Please log into your account to obtain RMA or Contact Us.

View our return policy.

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