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Digital Light Protection
for Single Vision and Progressive Lenses

Eyezen Digital Light Protection or Kodak BlueReflect Digital Light Protection
Computer Glasses with Digital Light Protection
Computer Glasses with Digital Light Protection

The Problem

Have you suffered from dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, headaches, and eye fatigue? Nearly 70% of Americans have already experienced the pain of digital eyestrain. The average American spends 10 hours a day on digital devices like computers, tablets and smart phones. That certainly seems like a a lot of time - but we rely on screens to work, learn, shop, socialize, and be entertained. So what's the solution?

How to Protect Your Eyes

FramesDirect.com offers a choice of precision engineered lens coatings that can deflect harmful blue light, leaving your eyes fresh even after a long day at the office. You don't need to have a prescription to get these lenses, and they're appropriate for adults and kids alike.

For single vision choose Eyezen and if you need progressive lenses, go for Kodak BlueReflect. Both lens options also provide scratch resistant and anti-glare properties.

Eyezen Digital Light Protection
for Single Vision Lenses
Too much screen time leads to sore, tired eyes. Eyezen precision engineered lenses from Essilor® reduce digital eyestrain by filtering out harmful blue-violet light from digital devices.

Lens reading enhancements

The bottom portion of the lens features a slight add power for effortless reading.

Selective blue light filter

Allows beneficial blue-turquoise light in while deflecting a significant amount of harmful blue-violet light

Eyezen is for everyone

Even if you don't need vision correction, get digital eye protection.
Kodak BlueReflect Digital Light Protection
for Progressive Lenses
Kodak BlueReflect Digital Light Protection
Protect your eyes during digital screen time. Kodak BlueReflect Lenses use a special coating to reflect high-energy, visible (HEV), artificial blue light emitted by digital devices and fluorescent lighting.

Eye protection

Specialized lenses create a protective shield that filters blue light and reduces glare.

Strong and durable

Includes UV protection, hydrophobic and scratch resistant properties


Provides clearer vision while using digital devices
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