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Wiley X Lenses

Wiley X Lenses: Ultimate Protection

History of Safety

Wiley X has a long history of providing occupational grade eye protection and utilizing the latest ballistics technology in their sunglasses. Wiley X products are standard issue for many US government and military agencies. From the FBI to Navy Seals, Wiley X sunglasses are built to perform in the most trying circumstances. But you don't have to be on duty to enjoy the protective benefits of Wiley X. They are the perfect sunglasses for hunting, fishing, or riding a motorcycle. Since Wiley X uses the some of the most lightweight and resilient materials on earth, you're guaranteed not only to be safe, but also comfortable when you wear them.

wylie x hunting

Every Pair is ANSI Safety Rated

If you are looking for the ultimate in impact resistance, you can trust Wiley X to have tested the endurance of their lenses. Every lens meets or exceeds the the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) High Velocity Impact standard. These are the standards that must be met by tactical goggles and safety glasses worn on construction sites, for example. The video below shows the testing in action.

Lens Technology

Wiley X lenses are made from their patented polycarbonate material called Selenite™. Selenite™ lenses are shatterproof and 10 x more impact resistant than glass. They are die cut from a larger lens which leads to greater clarity and less distortion.

Another unique technology from Wiley X is their Filter 8™ polarized lenses. This proprietary technology eliminates glare and provides unrivaled clarity. The 8 layers of the lens include anti-reflective coating, which is great for reducing distracting reflections on the road or on the water. It also includes a hydrophobic coating - which repels water and keeps your lenses from smudging, as well as a scratch resistant layer.

wylie x polarized

Wiley X has also innovated in the realm of photochromic lenses - lenses that adapt to the brightness of their surroundings. If you choose lenses featuring LA™ technology, short for Light Adjusting, your lens tint will darken or lighten to the precise amount of coverage that your eyes need.

Lens colors

Wiley X offers a comprehensive range of lens colors, specialized for specific uses and conditions. Whether you're at target practice, fly fishing, or driving at speed - there is a shade and coating to suit your needs. Many of Wiley X's styles come with the option of interchangeable lenses, so you can swap them out depending on what challenges or conditions you may face throughout the day. Refer to the chart below for guidance on usage for the different tints available.

Lens Color Best for... Light
Amber *Reduces haze *Contrast and depth
*Fishing *Golf *Tennis
Smoke Green
*Max glare reduction
*General daytime use
Bronze Flash
*Contrast *Definition
*Ground level contours
Crimson Mirror
*Very bright conditions
*Skiing *Snowboarding *Driving
Emerald Green Mirror *Amplifies colors
*Superior vision in all light conditions
Gold Mirror *Sunny conditions
*Fishing in shallow water
*Target shooting
Silver Flash
Gradient Grey
*Brightest conditions
*Reduces glare
Light Rust *Filters out blue light waves
*Medium and low light
Vermillion *Sharpens contrast
* Brightens targets
*Medium and low light
Yellow *Best light enhancing lens
*Extremely low light

RX lenses

Did you know you can also get your prescription in Wiley X's high velocity protected lenses? Digiforce™, Wiley X's digital surfacing technology, makes perfect edge to edge peripheral vision possible - even with a high prescription in the most wrapped glasses. By using the natural radial motion of the eye for inspiration, Wiley X lens technology eliminates distortion in peripheral vision, previously common in wrapped styles. Available for prescriptions between +6.00 and -7.00.

If you have concerns about ordering prescription lenses online, be assured FramesDirect.com have plenty of resources to make the process easy. Buying glasses online can be less expensive and simpler than visiting your local optician.

Contact one of our experienced opticians if you have any questions about Wiley X sunglasses.

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