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Anti-Reflective Lens Coating

What is an Anti-Reflective Coating?

The primary purpose of anti-reflective coating, sometimes called “AR,” is to eliminate glare and allow more light to pass through your prescription lenses. Reducing glare is beneficial for many reasons. Not only does AR coating eliminate reflection that others may see on the surface of your lens, but also greatly reduces the glare you see on computer screens, from lights on the road when you are driving at night, and from fluorescent lighting indoors.

DuraClear ™, the anti-reflective coating offered by, lets in 99% of available light. So you get all the clarity and contrast with none of the eyestrain. DuraClear ™ also provides an eye-sun protection factor of 25, basically sunscreen for your eyes.

DuraClear™, offers the best enduring clarity of vision with total protection against the five main enemies of clear sight:

  • Glare: leads to eyestrain
  • Scratches: cause discomfort
  • Smudges: distract vision
  • Dust: blurs vision
  • Water: distorts vision

If you choose our premium anti-reflective coating it also repels dust, and resists water, oil, and fingerprints, making your lenses very easy to clean. They are also 2x more scratch resistant than other brands. If you are interested in other optional lens coatings on offer, check out this guide

DuraClear ™ coating is available for any prescription lens you choose, but it is especially recommended for higher-index lenses as they reflect more light without the coating. Anti-reflective coating is an add-on to your lens order and costs $55 for the standard coating and $99 for the premium coating. However if you order High Index 1.74 lenses, then the DuraClear™ is included for no extra charge.

If you have concerns about ordering prescription lenses online, be assured have plenty of resources to make the process easy. Buying glasses online can be less expensive and simpler than visiting your local optician.

To learn more about anti-reflective coating, or add it to your lenses, call one of our certified opticians at 1-800-248-9427 (Int'l: +1 512 402 8557).

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